Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving feast

One of the things I like most about Grace being in school is she gets to experience all sorts of fun and different things that we might not do at home.

Sure we celebrate Thanksgiving and thank God daily for all our blessings.

But not at a little toddler size table with her homemade place mat with her friends while eating turkey rolls up, cheese cubes and fruit. Precious.

They even made turkey centerpieces.

Oh and watching them all say their prayer before they ate... I wish I video taped it! All 11 kids listening and repeating their teachers and practically yelling AMEN when their done eating.
Oh how I hope I can remember her little feast she had when she is grown. She is growing so fast. (You know only a couple months and she will be THREE!) Until then I'll hold onto the memories that we are making with our little 2 year old.


hyperactive lu said...

So cute! Chandler's is on Tuesday! I can't wait!

Jen said...

How great! If it is any help, I remember my first Thanksgiving play when I was 5. I was a little pilgrim. Great that you got so many cute pictures:)

Erin said...

OH MY! She is precious! I cannot wait to see Maren and baby girl! :) Grace is a DOLL!

Megan said...

So fun! The parents weren't invited to Eleanor's MDO party...wish I could have seen it so I'd have adorable pictures like these! :(