Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween 2009

Breaking news:
Our great friends, Meagan and Matt, are pregnant with TWINS!!!! I think I've talked about them a time or two, but we are thrilled for them! After all they have been through to get here, God has blessed them twice! Go tell them congrats here!
Our Halloween was a blast.
We got our ballerina (per request) and our Aggie cheerleader ready and we were off for some fun!

First we headed to dinner at a neighbors 2nd Annual Halloween party. We ate yummy chili dogs and lots of other fixings and took lots of pictures.

Here are some of the kiddos. Maybe half? Have I said before that I love our neighborhood? :)

After some chit chatting and a full belly we were off to trick or treat.

First stop was back at our house to put out candy. Yup we just put out the whole bowl. But it was nice b/c we all got to go.

Grace knew just what to do. The funniest thing though is that when she went to each house she would say "Trick or treating" instead of "trick or treat". It was really cute b/c she kept doing it.
And Emma learned VERY quickly. Seriously what 19 month old baby knows what to do. Emma was happiest once she got a sucker. I was surprised b/c she walked the entire time. Turning into such a big girl. :(

And we ended the night at another neighbors house. They turned their garage into a fun Halloween tiki bar. With adult beverages and all - the witches brew was super yummy.

How was your Halloween?


Lindsay said...

Super cute!! Trick-or-treating, haha too funny, but that's what she heard you call it! :)
Averee walked the whole time,too she has the blisters to prove it (poor baby, she never made a peep about her feet, so I had no clue)
So fun, looks like everyone had a great time!!

P.S. congrats on signing up. Run Lisa Run!!!

Ashley said...

Way too cute! We have the same treat bag. We also have the spider and ghost!

The Lada Family said...

too cute! Avery made Judy carry her from house to house, but she did say "chi chi cheet" at the door. She would also grab handfuls of candy and blow kisses the the men that gave her candy. Molly was random. Sometimes she'd say it and others she'd act shy. (typical Molly)

Meagan said...

Oh I love you :) You make me smile!!!! Thank you for being so incredibly supportive and generous with your time during this whole thing. I seriously could not have a better friend.

And secondly, the girls are sooo cute & what a fun neighborhood y'all live in!!! Jealous - I want to move!

Erin said...

How fun! So glad you love your neighborhood! :)

Our Halloween was great. We went to the mall and walked around with some friends from church, and then went back to their house for pizza and cookies! MMM!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

Looks like y'all had a fabulous Halloween! I love the girls' costumes and their pumpkin candy "bags". I'm so excited tjat you signed up for the half. I ran 12 miles on Sunday and it was tough! It was really warm up there, though, so it was great practice for San Antonio. I thought about going ahead and signing up for Dallas, but don't know that my body's quite read for that, though. I'd really like to do the Dallas Rock 'n' Roll half in March. It'd be fun if we could do one together. Hope y'all are doing great!

Michelle said...

Super Cute! I think Halloween is one of my new favorite holidays!