Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's November

It's nearly halfway through November... how did it get to be the end of the year already.

It makes me happy because I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the friend, family and festivities that surround this time of year.

In the same breath it makes me sad because it means just after the Holidays my girls have a birthday.

Two and Four. Funny because when I see them like this I just think of them as babies. My babies forever!
Yes I'm totally that mom that starts thinking about their birthdays way in advance. Not sure why because I really don't do anything about it till after the Holidays. But I guess I just love thinking about and planning their special days.
This weekend I will celebrate my 30th birthday. Normally I dread birthdays. It's not that I don't like getting older. In fact I'm glad I'm getting old. So much to look forward to. I think I just build it up to this amazing day and for some reason always feel let down. Again, I'm just weird around my birthday. Ask Adam, he knows what I am talking about.
SO.... for my 30th birthday I was determined to have a good day. So we are having a few friends over and having my favorite - fajitas and ritas. What else could make a birthday better? :)
Lately we have been busy enjoying the beautiful weather. We have had some BEAUTIFUL weather here - highs in the 70's and clear sunny skies. It makes up for the very wet October we had. But really I'm ready for some sweater and scarf weather. I have so many cute scarfs that I'm dying to pull out!
We have also been trying out some new hair styles for Grace. I've said it before but her hair is CRAZY. While I love her little ringlets, they are hard to manage.
So lately we have been doing lots of pig tails. Today Grace asked for braids. Well I can't do french braids (please someone help me, but I just can't get it tight enough), so I came up with next best solution - piggies with braids. Hard to see it in the picture, but she is so cute.
This is definitely my new favorite picture of Grace.


And lastly, my littlest girl is so funny. She had just eaten some yogurt (that was red) and got it all over her face. I just thought it was cute and then she did this little head tilt thing. Grace has been doing it a lot for pictures so I'm pretty sure she thought it was the cool thing to do! HA! Already trying to be like her big sis.


Meagan said...

So adorable - your girls should be models - with the head tilt, they would be snapped up like that :)

Wish so much we could be there this weekend to celebrate your bday with you. ::( Hope you have a wonderful, happy, rita-filled day!

HUGS and LOVE!!!

Michelle said...

Grace looks so big! I just can't believe this fall has gone as fast as it has, where did Sept and Oct go? Looking forward to seeing you on Sat to celebrate the big 3-0! XO

missy said...

I'm so excited about Saturday!! I miss my seems we just don't see each other as much now that summer is over. Boo on that! So, my friend, I wish you the bestest 30th EVER! You can now join the ranks with Mel and I! See you soon.

Lindsay said...

Oh I LOVE the picture of them asleep in the car...too precious!
I can not believe how fast this year has gone! But I am also excited for the holidays.
Looking forward to Saturday!!

Barbara said...

Happy 30th! Keep Running. My sons are in their 20's...they will ALWAYS be my babies.
Although I am 52, I still have the state of mind and humor of my twenties. I just refuse to feel old.
My neices are too cute for words.
xoxoxx...Aunt Bebe
run Lisa run

Melissa said...

Love the pic of the girls sleeping, even better that the heads are the same way!!! Happy 30th :) its actually a nice age, unfortunately i am leaving it to!!! I cant wait to plan the girls b-day!! it comes up way to quick right after Christmas!!! anyways... now that i am rambling, i cant wait til saturday to see everyone with out any "little me's" love ya xoxo