Friday, March 05, 2010


My baby girl is two years old today. 2 really? It is so true that the second child grows faster than the first.
My sweet Emmy is turning into such a sweet little girl. Not sure I can call her my baby anymore as she truly is a little toddler. She is a little lady that knows what she wants (and what she doesn't) and gives a little sass when she doesn't get her way. Oh the drama. But if I think this is drama I can only imagine the drama that will be in my house in about 10 years (or sooner).
Really though Emma is everything I could hope for in a daughter. She loves to learn and is dying to go to school like her big sister does. If you ask her how old she is, Emma quickly replies with "3"... we are working on that. She loves to sing and the last several days has been singing "Happy Birthday" over and over. It's quite cute. Emma also loves to color and any other art activity I will allow her to do. She loves to be outside most. Loves playing with sidewalk chalk or riding her scooter or jumping on the trampoline. She just likes to do. She still doesn't like tv. Honestly I didn't know kids like this existed. She has no interest in anything (trust me we have tried) on tv. Thankfully she does love books and playing pretend so I can usually occupy her when I need to shower or go to the bathroom... you know all those type of things.
Emma also loves the doctor. She can say the name of everyone in the office and I think they love it. Her stats at her 2 year visit:
Weight - 26.5 lbs (50%)
Length - 34 inches (50%)
Head - 19.5 inches (93%)
So she is pretty average. That said she was only in the 25% at 18 months for her weight so the pediatrician thought she might have a growing spurt soon. I guess kids go out and then grow up. But average isn't so bad. :)
For Emma's birthday we decided to just have a fun day. No big party just a family day and a few neighbors over for pizza and cake. It was so nice.
The day started with pancakes by daddy. Emma & Grace's favorite.

Then we headed to the Fort Worth zoo.
We ran into our neighbors and good friend, Riley. It also was her 2nd birthday. What a fun way to enjoy your birthday and a beautiful 60 degree Spring day.
Emma loved all the animals.
But I think this turtle was a hit for all of us. He just hung out near the glass for a while looking at us.
A shot of the girls. Seriously need to work on not saying "cheese"...
Emma's favorite part was walking... she is almost getting too big for her stroller :(
And the afternoon ended with a train ride.

We came home and took baths and a quick nap and it was time to open presents. Emma's big gift was a nice tricycle. She is already getting the hang of it.
Emma's yummy cake I made. I'm really starting to get the hang out it. I didn't have a lot of time so I just did some polka dots.

Ready to blow out candles.

Trying to blow them out... thankfully she got a little help from her sister.

What a perfect day for a two year old! Happy Birthday sweet Emmy.


Niki said...

OMGoodness....she has grown up!! Happy Birthday to Emma!! Lisa, that cake is so cute....good job!!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Emma! What a big girl now!

Fish Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet Emma! I can't believe you are two!!!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

What a fun 2nd birthday! Ok, girl, you have some MAD cake baking/decorating skills! Again, I am super impressed! I'll probably order your jewelry next week! Hope y'all are doing great! I love all the pictures!

Leigh said...

Wow, she is so cute! And really looking like a Loughborough too!! : )