Monday, March 15, 2010

treadmill and 13.1 miles

I wasn't sure what to call it. Our new toy. No. Our new machine to help us burn a little fat. Maybe. Or our new piece of equipment that make me wonder why I ever started running.

Seriously I have a love/hate relationship with our new treadmill.

I love that when Adam is working late, or out of town, or when its dark outside, or when its too cold or hot outside, or when the girls are napping... I have the option to go run. It can be a real bummer if you actually want to run and you can't. As I've said before I run without my children. And since I'm a stay at home mom, being without my children doesn't happen too often.

I hate the treadmill because it just stinks. Really. Running in the same room, the same direction for 30-45 minutes or possibly longer just stinks. I love being outside. Being able to look around and see whats going on while rocking out to my music.

I've also been training to do my second half marathon on April 11th. I'm up to 10 miles, but training for this one just hasn't felt the same. But I think I can get through it and be fine. Still have to officially sign up, but for some reason I'm in no hurry to do that! :)

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A Perfect Pandemonium said...

I've always wanted a treadmill but I have no room for it...maybe in the garage but that is not a pretty view! You're a better person than I am, I cannot find the time to do anything for myself. You should run the OKC Memorial half marathon sometime. I have always wanted to train to do that...