Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day 2

Work went well for me. Still a little weird working, but getting back into the groove of things.

Leaving Grace today was a little harder. I got teary eyed when I was leaving her, but managed to keep it together. When I picked her up she was happy to see me and her teacher Ms. Susan said she did really good. They said she did cry a bit at naptime, but fell asleep after 5 minutes. She even slept on a mat on the floor! I'm shocked, but happy that she is flexible enough to sleep places other than her own crib or pack n play. She didn't eat every well at lunch, but I think its because they had things that she hasn't had before. Hopefully she will get use to that soon. Anyway, it well well.

Gotta run. I have Molly this afternoon too so I think we are headed to the park since snack time is over. I'll try to post a couple pics of the girls later.


Jen said...

Super Mom! hang in'll get easier. Working part time is nice though, I need to find a gig like that!

Nicole said...

Me and Anna teach the 0-14months class at a Mother's Day Out here in our town and we pat almost all the babies to sleep on mats. A couple get their own rooms, but the rest go down like champs on the mats.

I am glad that she did well. It will be a while I'm sure before it is really EASY to leave her. Baby steps. I think you are doing great!

Melanee said...

Aww, Lisa! I'm glad to know you guys are BOTH handling work so well. Good for you! I'm sure it's great to be able to go for a half day and then really enjoy the rest of your day with Gracie. Except I can tell you that I'd be exhausted!! See you soon!

Lace said...

when kate first started daycare, they let me put something in her diaper bag that she would eat for sure since she wasnt so sure about the new foods. and if she wouldnt eat what they were having, they would give her what I had packed. only had to do that a few times, but I still have an emergency
chef- boy-ardee pasta in her bag :)