Thursday, February 15, 2007

One year update

Well my little baby is official ONE.

Today we headed to the doctor for her one year check up and for some not so fun shots. She did well though.

Here are her stats:
20 lbs. 7 ozs (50th percentile)
30.5 inches (95th percentile)

This is what she is up to these days...
*Will stand not holding onto to anything for about 30 seconds right now (see pic below), but as soon as it comes time to move a foot, she goes down to her knees and crawls. I guess she is a big chicken :)
*Eats pretty much anything...and especially loves any type of meat (even fish!).
*Tried her first taste of whole milk today and drank about an ounce! Maybe she will drink more later...
*She waves, claps, feeds the dog, and flirts with everyone while we are out. :)
*She says Mama, Dada, No, and I think she says Duck and Dog (but those still aren't crystal clear.


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

What a doll! I found your blog through Lindsays! Your little girl is sooo cute, and she's bigger than my 14 month old! Mines only in the 10th percentile!

Megan said...

Such adorable pics! I love that shirt! She looks so excited to be one in the first picture. Such a cutie!!

Lindsay said...

WOW, girl she is about to walk!!!
Trav is so much bigger then her.. at the Dr the other day he was 25 lb 1 oz and 32.5 inches tall
big dude!!!!
I am gald she drank the milk, great JOB gracie!!!

Nicole said...

She could NOt be any cuter. 20 lbs. is a PERFECT weight for a one year old. I LOVE the pics!

Hailey Lada said...

That picture is SO cute!