Friday, February 02, 2007

These are a few of our favorite things...

Since Grace's first birthday is right around the corner, I thought we would share with you the things that got us through the first year!

1. Boppy Pillow - I seriously have used this everyday! It made breastfeeding so much easier and it was a nice little pillow to prop Grace on when she was tiny. I've heard from some moms that they don't like it, but I can't understand that one bit. It is a key essential in my book! Here is a pic of Gracie learning to sit with a little help from the boppy.

2. Pampasan Swing - This swing is really more like a craddle rocking Grace. We used this everyday until it got retired around 8 months when Grace learned how to get out.
3. The Bumbo Seat - What a cool invention!!! Seriously whoever invented this is so clever. I first put Grace in the seat when she was around 2.5 months (when she had good head control) and we put it everywhere. She would sit on the sink and watch me get ready, she would sit on the kitchen counter and watch me cook, and she would watch Adam and I eat dinner at the table. It was great... she could be right at our level. This was perfect for feeding too before we had a highchair. This is probably one thing I would tell any mom you HAVE to have.
4. Tidy Diner - This is one of our latest finds. My friend, Hailey, found it and uses it with her daughter. Grace is that age where she wants to feed herself... so that means finger foods, which is totally fine at home, but when we are out it is sort of a problem.

5. Highchair/Shopping Cart cover (There are tons out there, but we have Buggy Bagg)- Another cool recent invention. You know how nasty the carts are at Walmart and how often to they really clean the highchairs at resturants... well now we don't have to worry! We just keep it in the car so its with us wherever we go. If you know me then you know that I'm sort of a nut about germs so this gives me peice of mind knowing that my little baby isn't touching some of them.

6. Germ X - Speaking of germs... I love Germ X... not Purell! I acutally buy the Germ X with Aloe... its purple and you can normally only find it in the baby section at my Walmart. Anyway its wonderful. We have a couple bottles of it around the house, including one at her changing table, and of course we have a couple small ones for the diaper bag!

7. Baby Einstein Play Mat - This was Grace's first toy! She loved to stare at all the fun toys handing from it for hours on end. We used it for a good 6 months.

8. Fisher Price little highchair - This is great when you have another baby over (several of my good friends have babies around Grace's age), when you go someplace that doesn't have a highchair or just to put in the bathroom as some place to keep her still while I try to get ready :)

9. Baby carriers - We have 2, a Baby Bjorn and a Hot Sling. The first one I got was a Baby Bjorn and I love it. It has been especially wonderful for when we were out and she didn't want to be in her stroller or for grocery shopping when she was really little. I didn't the Hot Sling until Grace was nearly 6 months, but it came just in time. This is just one simple peice of fabric to throw her in it when she wants to be held and I need to get something done. I've cooked many meals carrying her around in it. Plus she loves being about to see everything that is going on.

10. Oxi Clean - Who knew that stuff existed... it gets ANYTHING out of clothing! As many of you know we have had a few (HA!) diaper explosions and this works wonders on... just presoak for about 10 minutes and presto... not more stain. It has also been great more recently on food stains.

11. Baby Bath with a sling - There are so many baby baths I had no clue which one to get. I ended up getting this one as a gift and it was great. The sling was especially nice b/c it kept Grace from sliding around the baby tub, but she was still in the water to stay warm.

12. Mesh Feeder - This is great for first foods that are soft but maybe a bit large to just hand to her. We have also used it many times for just ice when she was teething!

13. Portable DVD player - Okay so not a necessity, but definitly a wonderul luxury. Grace loves watching a little Baby Einstein when we travel. We are always heading to Dallas and it makes the ride a bit more plesant.

14. Wipes Warmer - Again, not a totally necessity, but great to have early on. I actually registered for one, got it at a shower, and I returned it thinking Grace didn't really need it. Then she was born and my world changed! How could I possibly put an ice cold wipe (remember it was Februrary) on her tiny little bottom... so after maybe a few hours we had a wipes warmer! :)

15. Diaper Champ - There are several diaper pails out there, but this one is great. We only have to take it out about once a week and we can use our kitchen trash bags, so we don't have to worry about having special bags like a lot of the other ones out there. Oh and I don't think you can really smell dirty diapers!!

16. Miracle Blanket - We swaddled Grace for the first 3 months and let me tell you that it was the only way we got any sleep! She managed to get out of recieving blankets, but this blanket really is a miracle. I don't have a pic of her in the miracle blanket, but here is one of her swaddled in a recieving blanket when she was just a couple weeks old.
17. Outdoor Swing - This is a favorite and hopefully it will last for a lot longer. It is great to have on those days that we can't make it to the park. The best thing is I found this swing brand new at a garage sale for $8 bucks!

18. A walker - this is our latest toy that we have gotten a lot of use out of. Grace will tear through the entire house now pushing this toy! She is so happy to be walking... if we can only get to her to take her first independent step!

19. Kangaroo Climber - She loves this thing... plus its been fun to have in the house. Once the weather is a bit warmer we will be moving outside!

20. Hylands Teething Tablets - These are non-medicated and Grace eats them like they are candy! When in doubt... teeting tablets! :)


Nicole said...

I had never seen or heard of a Bumbo before this year. Of course all my kids were too old to use one. I think whoever came up with this is a genius!! I LOVE the pics!

Megan said...

So many of these are our favorites too, and I'm definitely going to try some of the ones we haven't got yet. Thanks for the tips!! The picture of Gracie all swaddled up makes me want to cry and I'm not even her mommy!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Those bumbo's are awesome! I had never even heard of them till this year when a baby in our class at school brought one. Of course....they come out w/ something that cool AFTER my kids were babies. ha! Have a great weekend!

Lindsay said...

GREAT list!
It is going to be so helpful to new momma's like Michelle!
I can NOT wait to see you guys inthe 11th!!!!!

LaShawn said...

The one thing I had with my last child that I wish I would have had for my older ones was the Bumbo. It seriously has been a lifesaver!