Friday, July 20, 2007

Daddy's home

Amen for Daddy's! Adam is home from a week in Washington state.
When he is gone for a lengthy amount of time I realize (well sort of) what it would be like to be a single mom. I have the utmost respect for any single mother (or father)! I hope I never have to do it on my own. Thanks Adam for being an awesome hubbie and daddy! We love you.


Jamie said...

Hey, Adam was in my neck of the woods!
I know what you mean though, my hubby was out of town a few weeks ago, and will be going again later this summer. It's so hard doing it alone, isn't it!
Glad you survived, and thanks for stopping by my blog a couple of days ago.

Erin said...

Sorry I missed Adam while he was in our state! :)

I am sure you're glad he is home, and he is probably glad to be home, too!

Have a great weekend..I am heading back to WA tomorrow! Good bye GA! :(

Janice said...

I cannot even imagine what single parents go through, or if another parent is away in another country because they're in the military! Glad your hubby's home. :-)