Saturday, July 14, 2007

fun stuff

Yesterday my sweet husband brought me home a Pandora braclet! For NO REASON at all. How sweet is that. I keep thinking he must want something :)
I bought one of these braclets for my mom and my mother-in-law this past Mother's Day and fell in love with them. I was secretly hoping that Adam would get me one, but I really thought maybe for my birthday or something. So now I get to have the fun of collecting charms. Thank you Adam, I love you!

In other news, Grace is getting to be so grown up. I've posted before that she likes to read... well she use to love to flip through all the pages before we could actually read the words on that page. But now, she actually sits there and lets us read it. She will point to things or look at the pictures, but she really loves it. She brings us books all day long. I just hope that maybe she enjoys reading when she is older. I don't think I truly enjoyed reading for pleasure until I was in college.

Not much else new going on, but here is a picture of Grace and Daddy cuddling before bedtime last night. (She doesn't look very tired!)


Lu said...

So cool about the new jewelry! I think your Hubbie deserves something special! ;) BTW, love the pic! Such a cute face!

LaShawn said...

I love Pandoras...maybe I can get one too :-)

Vietnam Baby Girl Smith said...

Very sweet of your hubby!! I got one for Christmas last year from my Granny and I really need some charms. I think I have not talked about it enough with my husband he probably forgot all about it!

Jennisa said...

Again....her eyes are BEAUTIFUL! Don't they just melt you?

E said...

Adam is too sweet! Gracie is growing up too fast! She is precious!

I am visiting Miss Maren as we speak! She is too big! She is a sweetheart though!

Come on over to my blog. I gave in and finally started one! Take care, and post a picture of your new bracelet soon!

Mike said...

I have to admit. I have no idea what a Pandora bracelet is. But I am sure your husband bought it for no reason at all, except to make you happy.

Yehey for dads.