Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lake news

Adam and I drove down to the Lake Texoma dam. Due to the massive amounts of rain we have had the lake is higher than it has been in 17 years and before that it was like 50 years!

The flood gates are completely open and the lake is now overflowing into the spillway making a little pond that flows into the Red River. I drive over the Red River (the border of OK and TX) at least a couple times a week and I've never seen it so high. The flood gates open is really a sight to see. It is like a mini Niagara Falls....seriously... water is flowing so forcefully I didn't want to bring Grace too close. Anyway, check out this link to more news on the lake.

Since we haven't gotten any rain in a few days hopefully the lake levels will go down and we can get out on the lake for a least once this summer!!


Vietnam Baby Girl Smith said...

Send some of that water to TN. We need it so badly!

Also, I responded to your question on our blog at your email address.

Wishes for the rain to leave you and come here!

E said...

Wow Lisa! That is insane! I cannot believe it has been raining so much. It sounds like the rain we got in WA when we first moved there. It seemed like it was NEVER going to stop!

I am praying for good lake weather to come your way!