Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Banished to her crib...

I'm so sad.

Adam and I have been talking about moving Emma to her for a few weeks now.

She is just so quiet and good and sleeps so well in her little bassinet in our room we figured she could stay a while longer.

We moved Grace to her crib when she was just 6 weeks old, but it was a different story then. She was so noisy, always wiggling around and it would keep us up, plus it was our old house and it was much smaller and just down the hall from our room.

But now Emma's room is the farthest room from our room and all the way upstairs! I've been putting her in the crib for naps, but not at night.

Well she is currently asleep in her crib upstairs. We have the monitors turned on with the volume as high as it goes... hopefully we wont miss her too much.

I'm just so sad that she is growing so fast. Just trying to keep her little for as long as I can.

Who's the pretty girl in the mirror??

On another note... we still aren't having success with the bottle!! We have been trying every night. Adam is working from home tomorrow so we are going to try a mid-day feeding with another new bottle (the Brestflow from The First Years... a recommendation from one of you!). So far we have tried Avent, Playtex Ventaire and Nuk. We have also tried making the milk different temps... warm, cool, hot, etc... we have even tried freshly expressed milk vs previously frozen breast milk. Any other ideas?

Tonight she boycotted the milk for 45 minutes then we gave in. Oh and my mom, Adam, Adam's mom and I have all tried to give her a bottle. All unsuccessful.

What about maybe trying formula for when she gets a bottle? I was thinking maybe she gets confused that its breast milk, but not from the real thing... just a thought. It would so rare that she would get a bottle anyway, that I'm not opposed to doing formula if it mean I can a few hours away from my sweet little one. Maybe we just wont do bottles this time around... she will be a year in another 9 months... no big deal right?

And you can't get mad at this cute little face.


hyperactivelu said...

I'm sitting on the computer downloading pictures to Facebook and I keep seeing another post by you... you're cranking them out tonight girl! I finally found a pacifier and a bottle that Grayson will actually take. Its the MAM brand. He still isn't sold on stuff in the bottle, but he'll actually latch on. My SIL had a hard time with her new baby (born April 15th) taking a pacifier. Her son finally took the MAM brand pacifier. Grayson actually likes sucking on the pacifier! Its been a wonderful find! Oh and Grayson hates cold stuff. I guess he's not use to the cold stuff, because his milk is always luke warm (right?), but the true test for the new bottle is next Monday when I go to a Bible study for a few hours on Monday nights. We'll see.

The Lada Family said...

oh you're good! Avery is still in our room. She's sleeping all night and my house really isn't that big so I have no excuse. Ooooh I just thought of one... I have to make up for lost time since she's at daycare during the day I need her close by at night :)
Gotta go to bed so I can get up at 5 again tomorrow UUUGGHHH!! I hate being fat!

lindsay said...

I still say give Dr. Brown bottles(the short ones) a shot, that way you can have one of every bottle ever made! Ha, joking! Well, I'm sorry that you haven't had luck yet. She just likes the real thing!
The last picture is too cute, she looks like Grace with those big eyes!!

Barbara said...

First step is their own crib...then it is college. by then you'll have the bottle thing conquered...I'm certain! The time flies. I can't help but think how much Emma looks a remarkably like Leigh's little girl Reagan at that age.
Love ya'll
Aunt Barb

Melissa said...

I'm with you - it is a very sad day when they go to the crib. Our house is small, so they are just down the hall,'s so far away!! :)

With the second one, it seems like we just put her in the bassinet, and now she's in the crib!! Time is just flyin' by!

starfitch said...

Oh, you've probably already tried since you posted this yesterday but my only advice was going to be for you to physically leave the house. Not for hours or anything, even just for a walk while he tries to feed her. She just knows that mama is there and prefers you! I have no room to advise as mine never took a bottle either, but that's some of the advice I always received. :-)

Melissa said...

I know how you feel with putting her in her crib :) Kenz is 15 months and we still have the monitor on!! Pathetic I think, but oh well... I always want to know when she wakes up !!

missy said...

When I had my gall bladder surgery, Grayson was only 6 weeks old and had never had a bottle. I couldn't nurse due to the pain meds so a wonderful lactation nurse introduced us to the Dr Brown's wide nurser bottle. He took it right away with me just inches away from him. It's worth a try. We used the same bottle for 7 months before buying a new one. We just wore it out. Make sure it's the wide nipple (most like the breast). Good Luck!