Saturday, June 28, 2008

little girls

The story of my life... little girls!

On the days that Grace goes to Mother's Day Out its all about Emma and I. So this past week I met up with a few friends that all have baby girls around the same age as Emma. Actually Reagan and Rachel have the same birthday (Feb. 22) and Emma and Riley have the same birthday (March 5). How cool is that! They are sure to be best buds!! We had to take a picture of all the girls of course!
Reagan and Rachel on the bench
Emma and Riley on the ground
And I can't forget my sweetie pie Grace. Last night we went to Market Street for dinner. We only had a couple things to pick up so I let her drive her own cart... WOW... she was a crazy driver! But she LOVED every minute of it!


Erin said...


2 Cute Boys said...

Hi, my name is April and I have been reading your blog this week. I think that your girls are adorable, I have 2 boys. Where in Texas do you live? I'm in Dallas.

Hyperactive Lu said...

How sweet! I am looking forward to Bubbie going to preschool this fall so that Peanut and I can have some Mommie and me time!

Lindsay said...

OMG...friggin' cute picture of all the girls!!! =)

The Lada Family said...

cute! Where did you get your headband bows? Avery's is the headband that is kinda thick and you clip bows to it. It always falls down over her eyes and she gets ticked.

The Lada Family said...

m-m-m Do I see cookies in that basket! YUMMY! I want to eat cookies! NO MORE CHICKEN, NO MORE EGGS!!

Barbara said...

So Lisa, Now that you have your own personal shopper...what's next?
Love you,

Melissa said...

That is such a fun picture of the 4 babies!! It was so great seeing you and emma today!! I miss hanging out with the girls... and grayson :) hopefully it will be often then not sooner then later :)