Monday, June 30, 2008

potty post #134

Who is the Queen of the big girl on the potty?
GRACE is the queen of the big on the potty!
Oooh, ahah, oooh, ah!

So I know I post about potty time quite a bit, but we are just so excited and proud of our little girl. I'm guessing you know what I'm going to say next.....

Grace went #2 on the potty today!!!!!


Or really... FINALLY!

We started potty training (serious training that is) 2 weeks ago exactly.

So my advice (since I'm a potty training pro now!) is to be VERY patient and just keep encouraging your little one. Not to get mad or upset when they have accidents, but to continue to praise their hard work when they do. And do whatever you have to... candy has worked for us, but maybe its getting to ride their bike or go swimming.

The big test will be when I send her to Mother's Day Out tomorrow in panties! I've sent her the last 2 weeks in pull-ups (which I still hate, but served the purpose there). So hopefully it will be a good day. I already warned her teacher last week. Her teacher thankfully has 2 boys (ages 4&6) so she has done her share of potty training. I'll let you know how it goes.

Until then...I'm going to venture to say Grace is potty trained! I'm sure accidents are still going to happen from time to time, but no turning back now. Using 2 diapers a day is saving us too much money! I guess we will work on nap time and bedtime closer to age 3?


The Lada Family said...

I bet you'll end up ditching the nap time diaper sooner than later. She's right around the same age Molly was when she was fully potty trained and I think we did diapers for nap time for about a week. We're down to 1 a day and I buy the cheap ones. Most of the time Molly wakes up dry but I'd rather put her in a diaper than chance having to put new sheets on the bed more often than needed.


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

YEA! Way to go Mom! I seem to have raised, not 1 but 2 girls who REFUSE to do #2 on the potty! Well, Lexi does it now that she's five, but it's been recent. Ashton still won't do it! She's 3! And even though she's never had an accident in her panties, she still begs for diapers every now and then. I'm just doing this on her terms, not mine! I can't believe I just said that. That is SO not me!

Michelle said...

Yeah for Gracie! Such a big girl!

Hyperactivelu said...

Yeah! Great job!

Tasha said...

Okay I am buying you a plane ticket to my house to help me...Alanna is having none of this potty training thing...She loves to wear the pull ups because they are dora but then never wants to sit on the pootty chair...I try not to get frusterated, but its getting hard now that I am 35 weeks prego and tired..Maybe I should gove up until after the baby is born and then try...maybe I will have more patience.