Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 1/2

My little girl growing up so fast. 2 1/2... how did that happen?

Half way to 3! 3 sounds so grown up and so close to kindergarten. I know its still 3 years away, but I know its going to be here before we know it.

Grace is every bit of a 2 year old these days. She loves to defy her parents by saying "no way"... with a little attitude I might add. She is constantly telling us "I do" or "you go away mommy". Such an independent little one.

She has no fear when it comes to swimming. She is actually doing really well. But we can't leave her for 1 second near water. She will jump in and start swimming, but she is still use to someone being right there to help if she needs it. This past weekend Adam's cousin wife (did you follow that) was saying her girls wont even put their face in the water. While I do sometimes wish that Grace was a little more fearful of the water, I'm thankful that she loves it. Maybe she will be the next Micheal Phelps. :)

I've also learned that Grace is slightly pigeoned-toed (is that how you spell it?). Apparently, those people are the fastest runners. And boy would I believe it. That girl can run! I need to start working out more so I can keep up with her.

Grace is talking more and more each day. While I still worry about her pronunciation, she is putting more words together and saying new words daily. Sometimes I have no clue what she is saying, but she gladly repeats herself over and over again and when I finally say the right word she smiles and says "YEAH"... in a very excited Grace voice.
Grace's favorite things to do are coloring, painting, playing with playdou (really any art activity), play outside (we really need a swing set!), pretend, read books (Pinkalicious and If You Give a Pig a Party are her favorite's right now) and anything with mommy or daddy.
She loves to sing songs, especially to her sister. Patty Cake, The Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle (or tinkle tinkle) Little Star, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus Loves Me, and the alphabet song are a few of her favorites.
She is (for the most part) potty trained!! We had a few bumps in the road the last couple weeks, but she is doing much better. Still wearing a diaper during naps and bedtime, but she has gotten up several times from a nap still dry! So hopefully that isn't far behind. Woo Hoo!! Oh and still working on poop on the potty... that is about a 50/50 thing! I guess we'll get there eventually.
While some days she does drive me crazy and I could very well throw her out with the trash, she really is super sweet loving and fun 2 1/2 year old. We love you little miss pris!
Here is her new latest Princess Leia look. Her hair is actually just in pig tails, but since she has curly hair it just curls up and looks like little buns! I love it though.


Ashley said...

I totally understand the days of wanting to throw the kids out with the trash! It doesn't matter how cute they are, they ALL have their moments!

However, those moments are always worth it in the end! I have to remind myself that at times! Cade is having one of his not so good days today. Too bad trash day was Monday! :)

Lu said...

The pigtails are precious! She is getting big! 2's were a wonderful year for us with Bubbie!

Erin said...

She is darn cute! I LOVE her curly hair! I hope she never straightens it! It is precious!

Gosh, I cannot believe it has been 2 1/2 years!

The Lada Family said...

Molly is a huge chicken swimmer! We should have spent more time in the pool this summer to break her of that, but there's just not enough hours in the day!
I'm predicting she'll be a track star since she's going to be so tall. Maybe the hurdles (sp?).

Andrea said...

Simply adorable! She really is a joy to be around. So cute!

Megan said...

Such a big girl!! Her hair looks absolutely adorable!!