Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm home

It's wonderful to be home and out of that hard hospital bed with the terrible pillow.

Why didn't I bring my own pillow?

If you don't know me... I'm super picky about my pillow.

The surgery went really well. A little longer than planned b/c the doctor decided to the procedure a new way... through my belly button. I guess he has been removing people's gallbladder through 3 incisions (this is the way most people I know have had it done). But he said I was a good candidate for this new procedure. And I'm glad b/c one cut sounds better than 3.

Emma did great. I fed her before the surgery and my mom was able to hold her off for nearly 6 hours. Emma of course didn't take a bottle (stubborn little thing), but was surprising pleasant. We talked to 2 different anaesthesiologist and they both said I could feed Emma as soon as I was up for it. They gave me the same anaesthetic that they give to mom's that have to be put under for a c-section. So every feeding my mom just brought her up to the hospital. It couldn't have gone better.

Grace is with my in-laws. I met my mother-in-law on Wednesday. This couldn't have been a better place for her. Grace will be with them till we meet them on Thursday in Austin. (We are going for a family reunion! hopefully I'm feeling good by then!) This is the longest I've ever been away from her, but I know it is best for her to be with them having fun so I can rest and heal.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. I really feel pretty good. Just very sore and tired. I honestly feel like I did 10,000 crunches... a few too many! And my shoulders and neck are very achy from the gas they put into to blow you up. I think once that is gone I will feel more comfortable.

Why was I so scared to do this? I guess I can say that now that it is over.

In other news... my nearly 5 month old daughter is trying to crawl!!! Just really scooting and rolling everywhere, but I'm not sure I'm ready for this. I know how much my life changed once Grace got mobile. Why is she in such a hurry to grow up?


Lu said...

So glad you're doing good. I can't imagine having to have surgery with a nursing babe! Surgery on your tummy STINKS! Oh and Peanut started trying to crawl at 5 mos too. Its crazy! Enjoy your recovery period and rest!

Josh and Allie said...

So glad your procedure went smoothly! Now you can look forward to eating cheeseburgers again!

Melissa said...

So glad to hear that the surgery went well and that emma made it through also!! I cannot believe she is already trying to crawl... time to have another, she's getting to big :)

Barbara said...'s over! Everyday you will feel a little better.
xx Aunt Barb

Megan said...

So glad that you're doing well! I told you you'd do great!! ;)

I bet Grace is having the time of her life!!! Gettin' spoiled at Grandma's!