Monday, October 13, 2008


Emma got to enjoy her first bubble bath with her sister last night!! Grace LOVES bubbles baths but because her skin is so terrible we try to limit them. But she begged me last night so I gave in. I've been bathing the girls together for a month or so now... something I totally recommend to any mother of 2 kids. They love it too :)


Barbara said...

OM Gosh...I took this same black & white photo of Blake & Leigh at bubble bath time when Leigh was Grace's age, Blake was about Emma's age. It was 26 years ago, seems like yesterday. Bubbles baths with your siblings are silly times to be enjoyed!
xx Aunt Barb
BeeBee says hi to Gracie and Emma! I like bubbles too!

Erin said...

I LOVE their big eyes! SO CUTE!

MamaMia said...

What in the world are you doing up at 2:31 am??!!

I'll be checking Walmart for those shirts this week...hope I'm not too late.

missy said...

What a perfect picture! Just beautiful. Lisa, you are so incredibly blessed to have such beautiful little girls!

Melissa said...

OMG... i cant wait for these days!! How fun, what a great picture!!