Wednesday, October 29, 2008

wednesday weight in

Saturday is the 5K. Woo Hoo! Adam and I have both been running quite a bit. I ran a couple miles earlier today. It feels good. We have even *thought* of the idea of possibly training for a half marathon. I don't know... at the earliest for next Spring. Gotta do the 5K first.
OH and Grace had her hearing test today and she passed. Perfect hearing. Speech therapy starts Tuesday!


Lindsay said...

I am sooooo glad she passed her hearing test!

and GREAT job on the running!
A half marathon is a great accomplishment, I say GO FOR IT!

Lu said...

Great job doing this!!!

Barbara said...

Run Baby Run!!

The Lada Family said...

Let's do it! 10 week training starts Monday! Come on, it will be "fun" :-)