Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yes I get an award...
The Worst Mom of the Year Award.

I feel terrible. Emma has a double ear infection and bronchitis.
She has had what I thought was a cold. But apparently it wasn't. This afternoon I had had it with her new toddler behavior. (Remember the behavior I talked about last week...) well apparently she isn't being a toddler... she was being sick!
Yeah she had a little cough and little bit of a clear runny nose and sure she had a low fever (off and on), but she was teething. And I thought she was grumpy b/c I weaned her this week.
I was wrong. So wrong.
Thankfully today I came to my senses after talking to my mom and brought her to the doctor. Plus her cough was sounding worse and she didn't really take an nap. However, I still would have put money on it that he was going to tell me that she just had a cold and was teething. But he didn't.
What would I do without my mom.


Marann said...

Don't feel bad. Its so hard to judge whether to take them in or not. She didn't seem to feel bad this morning. I hope she feels better soon. Moms are great enjoy her! =)

Eigna said...

I know around our house, it is often hard to tell what is coming next with Addison's toddler mood swings. I can see myself doing the same thing! She has an ear infection at 6 months and we didn't know. We found out because it spread to her eye and she got pink eye. So it happens even when they are little! You are not the worst mom in the world! Not even close! :)

hyperactive lu said...

Oh gosh! Sounds a little like me...I NEVER know whether to take the boys or not. I usually wait and ask people and wait some more. The only thing I remember about Grayson's 1st ear infection is that he was crying a lot and clingy and you could tell something was wrong... and we finally took him and he had a double ear infection. I was so glad I listened then....but ya know? He's doing the same sort of thing this past week, but he's teething molars. I mean, you can feel those suckers breaking through. So do I take him or just assume its teething?! Its the hardest decision! And you are not the world's worst mommy!!! :)

Amanda said...

Aww! You are NOT a bad mommy! It's hard to tell things with a toddler. You took care of it, and now she is going to get better soon. :) We need to get all the babies together again soon!

Barbara said...

Don't beat yourself up sweetie. This isn't the first or last diagnostic mistake you'll make. Your mom was also my "go to person" for your cousins.
She always had the answer. You remain a great mom and my sister has become a fantastic "GIGI" to your 2 girls.
Love Aunt Beebe

missy said...

Oh Lisa! I know your heart is breaking because you think you failed her - but you didn't. Like your Aunt Beebe said, "this isn't the first or last mistake you'll make". We are moms. Not superwoman. Emma will be better soon and the next time she's acting out of her usual sweetness, your "mother's intuition" will be more intune.

Get better soon, Emma...we miss you girls!