Monday, March 02, 2009

speech stuff

We have been busy with Grace's speech. She started 2 weeks ago just days after she turned 3. (The transition into the public school has been SO easy... I hope that if anyone else has to do this with their child that it goes as smooth as it did for us!)

She goes to school on Tuesday and Thursdays for 30 minutes and works with Ms. Kristine (a speech therapist) and Ms. Ryan (her assistant who is getting her masters right now and also happens to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader!). They are both young and super sweet! Grace works so hard for them. We have started with the letter "n" in the final position. Words like "balloon" or "button" and even "banana". She has learned to clap out her words by syllables. It sort of sounds like each syllable is a word on its own. Anyway, its working. She is saying "ba - na- na" perfectly! I'm just very hopeful at this point that she will be right where she needs to be in no time. Thanks everyone for all your advice and support! I've needed it.


Fish Family said...

That is AWESOME to hear! I absolutely LOVED the speech pathologist that I worked with at my school when I was teaching. Good job Grace!

The Harkey Family said...

She is doing great!! You are such a good Mom and already on board with the therapy! Yeah! I love Moms like you who are excited about Speech!
Ashley, SLP

Erin said...

:) This makes me happy!