Thursday, March 26, 2009


Okay so I don't really think I'm a bad mom. I think we all can take the "bad mom award" from time to time. Right?! But I did just feel bad that she had been feeling bad for close to 2 weeks and I hadn't done anything.
Thankfully Emma is already feeling a lot better! I was really worried that my sweet baby had truly turned into a toddler that was a huge handful!
Anyway, so I thought I would talk about Grace today. Mainly just a few things I want to remember. Everything we do or talk about has something to do with her favorite. For example we had broccoli (or "rockli" as she calls it) and she kept saying "broccoli's my favorite". Pretty much all day long this goes on for anything she likes. These shoes are her favorite, this party is her favorite, etc.
She has also been saying "oh my gosh". It is actually quite funny. She will drop something and "oh my gosh"... very dramatically. Do I have a future drama queen on my hands?
What else ... oh the other day we had some neighbors over for our weekly play date (it was my week) and we have a couple beanbags. Well some of the kids figured out that you could just unzip the zipper and presto... you have snow everywhere! Yup.. we had little white foam beans all over the game room. The only thing I do was laugh... it really was quite funny. Amen for my Dyson!!
And for the best news of all... Adam and I are going out with NO children both Friday and Saturday night! I'm so excited.
Friday night I can't really talk about b/c its a surprise and I'm not sure if that person reads my blog. My sweet cousin is going to watch the girls! They love her!
Saturday night we are dropping the girls off at my parent's house (to stay for the night!) and we are heading to Ft. Worth to celebrate a good friend's 30 birthday. It also happens to be Adam's birthday on Saturday (only 29) so we will celebrate that too!! Then we are going to come home, sleep in and go eat some yummy breakfast before we go get the girls.
What are you doing this weekend??


cassi rash said...

i'm glad emma is feeling better. grace sounds hilarious and so grown up! have a fun couple of date nights! they are calling for blizzard like conditions in the panhandle so are plans all got cancelled or rescheduled!

Lindsay said...

Glad Emma is feeling better!

Have fun this weekend, dress warm on Saturday it's suppose to be coldddd! Ahh, date night, I can only imagine how nice that is! I remember it was fun...oh one day, one day!

I remember when my brother unzipped the bean bags, well it was actually me, but I blamed it on him! ;)

Ashley said...

We're supposed to go camping this weekend. However, it's supposed to snow tomorrow so I don't know how those plans are going to work out!

Next Friday is my birthday (only 28). I don't think I like the idea of getting closer to 30.

The Lada Family said...

hmm... not sure what we'll do this weekend but yours sounds good!

hyperactive lu said...

Your weekend sounds like fun! I think all we have planned is a baby shower, small groups and Bubbie is going to the circus with Nana and pops! :) Enjoy your time alone!

Erin said...

Awesome weekend plans! I am so excited for the time that you and Adam will get together. Yeah for quality time! :)

I am going to be with Maren and Emsley this weekend!!!! YEEEEEEAAAAA!

Colleen said...

Glad to hear Emma is doing better and to get an update on Grace.

Heard about the "thing" on Friday, but I will not be going. Be sure to tell the old gang hello for me. I miss yall!!