Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Not us. I saw this yesterday on a friends blog and thought that Grace would love it. Basically its just cleaning money. Why would that be fun? Because you're 3 and if your mom lets you play with a toothbrush and water in the kitchen - that's cool! Grace is super into money these days. Wants to have money in her wallet and wants to buy things... or really me to buy things for her.

So here she is.... rather engaged. She "cleaned" her coins for a good 45 minutes while I fed Emma, put her down for a nap, put the dishes away and cleaned the kitchen. Great idea Jenny!!

Oh and just so we don't leave Emma out... we went to a friends birthday party this past weekend and brought out little travel booster seat with tray with us for Emma to enjoy (or demolish) a cupcake. Anyway, so the booster was on the floor yesterday and Emma had a blast for a good half hour just sitting in the chair, standing up and crawling around it, only to go back and sit in the chair. It was so cute.

Remind me again why we have a whole room full of toys?


Tasha said...

Thats so true, my kids play with yarn...go figure :)

Marlee Belle said...

I KNOW...our nephew and the little boy I nannied for both could care less about a toy...they wanted what I was using or what they knew they shouldn't have!

Jenny said...

Yay! I'm glad Grace liked the cleaning money idea :)

The Cabe Family said...

Just so you know, variations of washing/cleaning can be used as entertainment for many years...Carson and Christopher will STILL stand at the sink and "wash" dishes in the sink...I choose only non-glass items, give them a scrub brush and dish soap and they can wash and dry forever! They are now old enough to be offended that I still put the dishes in the dishwasher after their "cleaning." :)