Friday, June 05, 2009

15 months

My sweet baby girl is 15 months old.

Emma's stats:

weight: 21lbs 6ozs (30%)
length: 29.5 inches (20%) - not sure if this is right since she was in the 40% at 3 months ago??
head: 18.75inches (91%!!)

Emma's appointment went well today. We talked about her biting... ya... biting! She bites or tries to bite at least once a day. It use to just be directed at Grace, but not anymore... she has tried to bite a couple friends and Adam and I. Hopefully this wont last much longer!!

Emma is free of the paci. We finally said bye bye to the paci nearly 2 weeks ago. And I love it. She does try to chew on her blankie when she is sleepy or upset, but other than that I'm so happy to be done! (If you are still thinking about getting rid of your child's ... DO IT!)

Emma eats like a horse! She totally out eats Grace by far. She loves fruits and veggies, but loves chips and suckers too!! She is also eating most meals with a spoon/fork in hand and even eats from a plate most days (that does sometimes end up in her hair or on the floor!)

She loves the water. We have gone swimming several times this summer and she loves it. She isn't afraid to put her face in the water and loves to blow bubbles. So cute! She will be swimming like her sister in no time (another post to come on Grace's swimming!).

Emma is my little monkey too. She loves to climb. She can already get herself onto my couch and can climb the ladder to get to the top of my neighbors swing set! I'm hoping this doesn't mean she will learn to get out of the crib anytime soon. I have plans to keep her there for at least another year!!

She is also talking a lot. Her favorite things to say are "dog" and "wow!". I'm really not sure how many words she says but she is talking all the time. She also still signs the words "please", "more" and "all done". I'm so ready for her talk more though... this stage is tough b/c they totally know what they want, but don't have the words to tell you. You know!
Emma can show you were her eyes, nose, mouth and belly button are at. She is also really big into mimicking you... whether it is talking or doing. If we brush our hair, then she wants to do that. If I go grab a bag to put stuff into for the pool, then she has to have her own bag. It's super cute!

My baby is getting so big!!

And just for fun... here is Grace's 15 month post.


Meagan said...

So freaking cute!! And I giggled when I saw the head at 91% - based upon our conversation last weekend, that is definitely your kid :) I can only imagine what my kid's head is going to be - probably not even measurable since matt has a huge noggin too - oh well, more room for brains, right? or something like that!
Congrats on having 2 beautiful, happy and healthy little girls!
Love you!

Lu said...

She is so cute!!!

Michelle said...

Love the pics in the swimming pool and the one of Emma in her highchair. They just are growing up right before our eyes. Makes me kinda sad. :)

Lindsay said...

Love the high chair picture. Yikes on the biting, that's no good...what did Dr. S say?