Sunday, June 28, 2009


You guys were so funny this week about the BIG news you thought we had. I got more phone calls, emails and texts wondering what our news was. Great to know that people actually read my blog! I had people thinking we were moving or that Adam got a promotion or even that I was going back to school to get my teaching certificate. So since you are on the edge of your seats dying to know our news...

hope you aren't too disappointed....

We got a dog.

Her name is Suzie.

Suzie is 3 years old and pretty laid back. I have yet to hear her bark and she is so sweet to the girls. Oh how the girls love her.

Emma walks around after her saying "dog, dog" and Grace just wants Suzie to be her little baby. She only weighs about 17lbs, so she is pretty small compared to our Sammie that was a hefty 90lbs!

We actually sort of adopted her or were given her from my grandparents. You see this weekend was a big weekend, my grandparents moved into a new place where caring for Suzie would be pretty difficult.

You know its VERY hard to give your dog away that you love and care about. I know because its how we felt when we gave Sammie to a new home about a year and half ago.

So what did you think the news was really about????


Also, if you get a chance please say a prayer for Lila Grace - our neighbors sweet little 3 month old is having a 6 hour open heart surgery in the morning (Monday 6am). Thanks!!!

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Erin said...

I had no clue what the news was about!