Tuesday, June 02, 2009

good friends

For this past weekend it was adults only.

Adam and I got to travel down to the Houston area to visit our good friends Matt and Meagan.

Matt was Adam's best man. They met freshman year of college and became fast friends. And Meagan I've actually known since 6th grade. We have always kept in touch even though we were involved in different activities and we went to different colleges in two different states. And I guess you could say we introduced them, even though we weren't physically there.

So Friday afternoon we dropped the girls off with my parents and headed south. First off, remember last weekend we drove 5 hours to Arkansas... well this 5 hour drive couldn't have been more opposite. We were able to hear each other talk, hang out, eat snacks (without having to share with 2 short girls), listen to the radio and enjoy the drive.

While in Houston we ate lots of yummy food, hung out, drank yummy wine, got pedicures, shopped (and tried stuff on!), stayed up way past my bedtime and even got in a couple runs.
It was fabulous!

To get even more out of our weekend we came back north through Aggieland (aka College Station, TX). We had lunch with my aunt, uncle and cousins and then stopped by the bookstore to pick some Aggie gear for us and the girls.

I think the girls had a good weekend too. My parents were exhausted, but glad they got to spend the weekend with the girls.

Hopefully it wont be too long before we back down to H-town!
Thanks for having us Meagan and Matt! We love you both and are blessed to have friends as good as you two!


Megan said...

So fun!! Think i remember that guy??

Meagan said...

The best weekend we've had in a long time!! Thank YOU for coming. We love you guys :)

Colleen said...

What a great treat for you and Adam! Why have I never put together that the "Meagan" in your comments was Meagan, Meagan? (I do not know if she wants me to use her maiden name.) You guys all look so cute.

I hope that bookstore was Loupot's, by the way. I put in WAY to many hours at that place for you to go to one of those competitors. ;)

cassi rash said...

So fun! Where in Arkansas did you go?

Lindsay said...

How fun!Glad you had a good time. I wouldn't know how to act without Miss Priss! Soon, I keep saying, we will have a date night. :)