Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Miss Pris

My little Miss Pris is so grown up all the sudden! Where oh where did my baby go??
She is such a girl. She LOVES shoes. In fact it was one of her first words. But if we happen to leave a pair out she usually claims them. I normally have to hide her little hot pink crocks otherwise she would wear them to bed. Oh my... what do I have to look forward to.
I've been wanting to get Grace one of those pop-up tents, but after realizing how much they are ($50 bucks!!) we decided to wait and make it one of her Christmas gifts. So we made a make-shift tent with our card table and a blanket and she loves it. She doesn't know that there is no Dora the Explorer on the side. She even has lots of room for friends (as you can see in the picture!).
She is copying me in this picture b/c I got on my tummy to snap this picture. (Which I wont be able to do much longer!) Oh and you can't tell by the picture, but she has started to say "Cheese" whenever you pull out the camera. It is too funny!!
Grace is also getting ready to have a little brother or sister soon. She put her Muddy the Mud Hen (Toledo's minor league baseball team's mascot... we have friends up there) in her booster seat, snapped him in and was attempting to put her bib on him. It was too cute.

And an update to the peanuts allergy: Grace is doing GREAT (as you can see in the pictures). No rash anymore!! My friend has been telling all of our friends that Grace is allergic to peanuts... so sweet... she still just feel terrible. To be honest, I'm sort of happy that I know how Grace reacts to peanut butter, as bad as that might sound.

Well I'm off... nap time is over!


Michelle said...

SHe is so cute in those pjs! I love her bright smile and she seems so happy! She really does look all grown up, no more baby anymore, well for a few months aleast! Miss you guys!

Tashasc30 said...

cute pictures.and a beautiful SMILE and EYES!

Megan said...

Grace looks like she's such a blast to be around!! You can tell she has a great imagination! Such a cutie!

Ashley said...

She is going to be a great big sister!!

How much longer until you find out what you're having??

I'm glad you know how she reacts. It doesn't sound bad. I'm a true believer that my kids need to fall down and learn things on their own so they know not to do something again.

Erin said...

She is a cutie pie!

We need more shots of your growing belly, too!

The Duece Crew said...

She is looking more and more like you! Also IKEA has a tent for under $10. Both of my kids can fit in it and lay down. Awesome buy!

Janice said...

I was going to second Ikea! We don't have one but I love everything in Ikea! But I also think the card table is a great idea. Sometimes we turn our pack and play on its side to let the kids play in there.

I just read your previous post and I'm so glad Grace is ok. Boy, what a scary thing to have to witness! Glad she's doing well now! :-)

Lu said...

Too cute pics! Bubbie couldn't care less about a baby in the house... at least yours is taking interest!!! :)

Bolline Family said...

Hi Lisa, Thanks for visiting Adam & Andrew! I loved checkin out your blog, your little Grace is SO beautiful. How scary about the peanut incident! We go to most of the Aggie games, they are so fun, well if we play good that is! Take care!

Ashley said...

Hey, I just remembered you said you were going to the Aggie/OSU game, right?? Isn't that next weekend?? I was supposed to be goign to that game too, but we had a change of plans. My parents still have season tickets and Cody's first Aggie game was the OSU game two years ago and I kind of wanted that to be Cade's first game but we have too many soccer games I can't get out of that weekend.

That would have been cool to have gotten to meet up in College Station. Are you going to any other games this year?? I would love to try and get down there for a game this year. Take the tickets away from my dad...priorities!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Ahhh...so much fun. Just wait till this baby comes and she's copying you breastfeeding!!!!! 2 yrs later...my four old is STILL doing that. UGH! Yuckaroo!

My new blog address is http://texasaggiesinfl.blogspot.com

Had to change my address by adding one letter, I just made the aggie plural. LONG STORY. It was not by choice!

Lindsay @ Splat Designs said...

She is a mess! I am in love with the pic of her in heels!
Ya'll need to come for a visit! Trav is missing his girlfriend!