Friday, September 28, 2007


We are dying to know what we having. I can't imagine waiting the full 9 months to know what you having. How do our mothers and grandmothers wait that long?? The planner in me wants to already start getting things ready, buying things, etc.

So just curious... Was the Chinese Lunar Calendar right for the sex of your children?

It was right for Grace, but I don't know if that was just luck. Afterall, it is just a 50-50 guess. Anyway, just wanted to poll you ladies and see what I got. Click on this link HERE to go to a calendar if you haven't ever done one.

Oh and for this pregnancy it says I'm going to have a girl. But I'm really feeling boy... who knows. I guess I'll know this week. Either way we would be excited, we just want to know. And of course we want to know that the baby is healthy and growing like he/she should be!

Thanks again for the stroller recs. I still have no clue which I'm going to go with. I also had another friend recommend a Combi double b/c they are pretty compact. Who knows!

Update to above post:
We are suppose to have my ultrasound on Tuesday morning, however my OB just had his gall bladder out and had a few complications. He is the one that does all my ultrasounds so I'm suppose to call on Monday and see if I need to reschedule. At worst, if my appointment gets moved it will just be to Thursday when he has a ultrasound tech in his office. I'm really hoping my OB is well... he is pretty young and has never been out of the office for this long (4 weeks) in the 4 years he has been practicing. He has actually delivered every one of his patients babies except for 5! But now of course that changed.


Jamie said...

That Chinese thing was right for me!

Michelle said...

It said Grace was a boy. So, no it didn't work for us.

Lu said...

It was right both times for us. Boy! Boy! I really thought girl, but the closer I got to the sonogram, I just had a really strange feeling that this was a boy and I felt peace about it... so who knows? You might be right! How much longer do you have to wait?

Ashley said...

It depends on which chinese calander you look at. They have a few different ones that do it different ways. Some say "mother's age at conception". Some say "mother's age when the child will be born".

I say this because one Calender was right with both my boys while the other one said I was having a girl with my oldest. I do all the other tests the pencil test!

Erin said...

I hope all is well with your doctor. :)

Good luck and we can't wait to hear what you're having!

Melissa said...

Both times the calendar said boy for us - so it was wrong for us. Of course #2 isn't here yet, but we had anohter sonogram 2 weeks ago and it still says she's a girl!

The Duece Crew said...

Well, it says that I should have two girls and obviously I don't so it was half right.

Megan said...

It was right for me. And I know it was also right for my sister.

I can't wait to hear what you're having! Get well, Doc!

starfitch said...

It was right for me! So was the wedding ring on a string test. :-)

Melanee said...

According to THAT calendar, both were right. I didn't even look at others when I was having Colin, but with Carson, some told me boy and some said girl.