Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Went to the doctor today and everything is looking good. I'm measuring exactly 15 weeks and I've gained back a few pounds but I'm not quite back up to my starting weight. I seriously don't see how I haven't gained more because I'm practically in all maternity clothes now!

Anyway, we did find out that in 3 short weeks we will find out if Grace has a brother or sister on the way. So stayed tuned till October 2nd!!


Ashley said...

You get to find out already? It just seemed like yesterday you told everyone in bloggie world you were pregnant! How fun, can't wait to find out what it is!

Lu said...

Wow! That isn't that far away! That will be exciting! I am only 2 months ahead of you so you must be due sometime in March.. ??? I'm guessing! Looking forward to you finding out! Then the big challenge comes....picking a name!

Kaelyn & Shae said...

How exciting!! I hope you are feeling great!

Also, just wanted to pass along my website for my little hobby, you might be interested in one for Grace and the new baby!



Lindsay @ Splat Designs said...

SHEESH, I cant wait!
I am so glad you are doing well!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh I am just so excited to add another little baby to our gang. So many babies so little time! Glad you are feeling better and getting some naps in too!! XOXO