Saturday, April 05, 2008

1 month

Emma is already one month. How did that happen so quickly?

Emma is such a sweet and laid back baby. She loves to watch her big sister, take a bath (with the exception of getting out of the bath) and loves to be swaddled. She isn't really a fan of tummy time, but I'm sure she will like it more soon.
Here are a couple new pics of my growing girl. She is already turning into my little rolly polly!

Sleeping during the bath... seriously what child falls asleep during the bath. She does it almost every time!

A close up of Emma hanging out on the changing of her favorite places. Look at those big blue eyes!


Lindsay said...

What a precious little mess!
I can not believe its been a month WOW!

Melissa said...

Sweet, Sweet little pics!! How funny - falling asleep in the bathtub?! First time I think I have seen or heard of that!!

This is the first time I can see I think she looks like Grace - in the bottom close-up pic!! Such cuties!!

Tiffany said...

I love how you do the month by month pictures (I remember when you did them with Grace).

Margaret said...

that's so cute!
Happy 1 Month Emma!

Ashley said...

I can't believe you thought I was older!! I'm just kidding. Sometimes I can't believe I have so many kids at my age. I am only 17 years older than my step-daughter so that is strange to think about. At the same time, I never pictured myself having 3 kids of my own by this age. Although, I wanted most of my kids before I was thirty...I hit that goal for sure!! NO MORE FOR ME!!

I still think we are too young to have kids already. Deep down, I'm still a kid myself but maybe that's why the kids an I have so much fun!

hyperactivelu said...

wow! how has it been a month already? grayson will be 4 months next week! gosh! it happens so fast sometimes! well, the pics are great! i stole your idea for 3 mo pics- i got a paper and wrote the month and took pics. thanks for the idea... (saw from your blog with grace)

Tasha said...

Oh my a month already...Thats crazy!

Megan said...

I can't believe she sleeps in the bath!!! That's too funny!!

Erin said...

She is a cutie!