Wednesday, April 09, 2008

one handed

I have become pretty talented these days. I can do lots of things with just one hand like... type, change a diaper, breastfeed a baby, cook, make grocery lists, fold laundry, tend to every need of a demanding toddler, build a castle, play house and the list could on... I just can't put my little snuggle bug down. Yes, I do put Emma down for naps and she does hang out in her bouncy seat, swing, crib, etc most of the day. But once Grace is in bed for her nap or bedtime I find myself going straight for Emma to get some cuddle time. I think I'm just worried she is going to be 2 years old before I know it. I like her just the way she is right now... but she can't stay for little for forever so I'll enjoy the cuddle time now!


Erin said...

I remember just wanting to hold Maren ALL the time! Of course, like you, I'd put her down when she was sleeping, etc. They just grow up too fast!

hyperactivelu said...

they do grow up fast! peanut is rolling over and talking up a storm. he wants to sit up too! i type and breastfeed a lot!

Melissa said...

I completely understand!! I do lots of things one handed - while I am nursing- what talent we have !! Gotta love on both girls as much as we can before they get too big!!