Friday, April 11, 2008

Story time

I've been meaning to post this for a couple weeks now .... really since we first went to story time here in our new city. We went to story time when we lived in Oklahoma but it was 30 miles from our house and it was nothing to write home about, so we only went a couple times.

Anyway, Adam has been going to library a lot since we moved b/c has been studying for a big engineering test (that he actually takes tomorrow! FINALLY!!). He raved about how nice and new the library was so the girls and I had to check it out.

First of all, there is a huge demand for story time that they offer it 6 different times during the week and you have to get a ticket to go. Yes, a ticket... while it is free (which makes it even better), the room is only so big to hold a certain number of kiddos and their mamas (and dads too).

It is just so fun. Grace loves the stories and the music, and the libriarian who leads story time is so fun and animated! If anyone would like to join Grace, Emma and I for story time let us know. We typically go on Tuesday or Friday at 10am and try to get there just a tad early since it is first come first serve!

And since every post is better with a picture here are a couple.

Grace enjoying a slice of bread with soy nut butter (peanut free)... she loves it!

And Emma hanging out in her "safe place". This is the place she pretty much lives at b/c her sister can't reach her when she is on the kitchen counter :) And this picture was just too cute not to include. My sleeping beauty.


Melissa said...

Why do little babies sleep with their arms and hands above their heads?! They look so cute, but like they are trying to be big or something!

Where do you guys do story time? We haven't been to one yet. One of those things that is on our "to do list" and has been for a while.

Erin said...

That is awesome that you have so many resources right around you! The girls are growing up so fast!Have a great weekend!

Megan said...

We have something similar at our library...but not quite as in-demand. :) We really enjoy it!

I love the sleeping picture!!

Melissa said...

No update on Kaylie - collected "samples" this week - hopefully will know next week - thanks for asking! :)

I knew you guys were "somewhere" in the DFW area, just wasn't sure where. That's why I asked. Frisco is a little far for a library trip!! :)

hyperactivelu said...

gray loved that that papasian chair. he lived in that for several weeks! those pics are great. we also go to story time. we have to sign up for a specific time and day. glad y'all are enjoying it!