Monday, April 14, 2008

boo boo

We had a busy weekend filled with a little scare.

Adam took his big test on Saturday... 8 hours of math... YUCK!!! But its over and he thinks he did okay. We wont find out the results for 12 weeks.

Then Sunday we joined the church we have been going to since we moved. We really love it. There are so many young families and tons of ways to get involved and meet new people. We already found a Sunday school class filled with young mom and dads. We are really blessed to have found such a wonderful place.

But at church Grace got a "boo boo". We went to pick her up from the nursery and she was crying. This is very unlike her. She goes into the nursery happy and gets super excited when we get there to pick her up. But yesterday she wasn't happy to see us. They said she had just started crying about 10 minutes earlier. Anyway, we got to the car and we realized she was not moving her right arm at all. I really noticed b/c she didn't want me to bend her arm to put it through the arm strap of her car seat. And she wouldn't suck her fingers (like she does to sooth herself when she is normally upset). I told Adam I would run back in just to make sure that something hadn't happened. I thought well maybe she just fell or something. The teachers were gone so the church director called them (who just also happen to be not the normal teachers) and they said they were dancing when she started crying. So we left and I called the pediatricians after hours number and left a message. We got home and she was still upset and would not move her arm... we even tried to bribe her with candy. I had to feed the baby so while I fed the baby we waited for the pediatrician to call and thankfully he did b/c we were about to head to the ER. He called and told us to come to his house b/c it sounded like a dislocated elbow or shoulder! (Long story, short... when we first started going to our new pediatrician we found out that he lived just a neighborhood away, so he knew we lived close). So we went to his house and sure enough she had a dislocated elbow and he was able to pop it back into place. OUCH! Grace hardly cried. I think it was really more of a relief. By time we left his house she was already back to her normal 2 year old self. The doctor told us that it happens quite often with kids, just by grabbing them by the hand the wrong way. The church called today to make sure she was okay... they felt so bad. But really it sounds like something I could have done by just grabbing her arm the wrong way. We are so lucky to have such a great pediatrician! He saved us big bucks by not having to go to the ER. We want to do some sort of thank you for him... any ideas? Maybe a gift card to a local restaurant?

Oh and to make things even crazier... Adam left on business yesterday afternoon to Nashville for TWELVE days! What am I going to do without my hubbie for that long. How did military wived do it?? I'm tired already and its only day 1! :)


Andrea said...

OMG that is so scary. I would have been freaking out, but that is a damn good pediatrician! Geesh! I would say to call in the next 12 days, but I will be kinda busy :D Hope you guys are well!

LaShawn said...

How scary for Grace and her arm. The same thing happened numerous times to my oldest (it is called Nursemaids elbow and is REALLY common in toddlers). I finally had the ER doc teach me to pop it back in. I had to do it once with my #2 son. SCARY stuff!

Ashley said...

I'm glad Grace is ok.

I know what you mean about having your husband gone for so long. I can't stand it when my husband is out of town for the weekend!

hyperactivelu said...

I am so glad that Grace is okay. Ouch! Sounds so painful. Goodness. I would write the doc a note and maybe a gift card or yummy goodie. Maybe one of the nurses would know what his favorite dessert is. My hubbie is gone also! Too bad we don't live closer, we could get together and help out! Ha! Andy left this morning for Boston. My parents left Saturday for Baltimore. So I'm HOME ALONE with two kiddos. Thankfully my youngest is a little older. I was worried Grayson wouldn't be sleeping at night by this point, but he is... How about your kiddos? Sleeping ok? You? I gotta say DITTO about military wives! I keep thinking that today. I can't imagine it being for months/years! I act as though its a month or something!!! Its a few days! Anyway. Good luck. I'll be thinking of you!

Melissa said...

Ouch!! Poor Grace!! GREAT PDEIATRICIAN!!! That happened to friends at church - the Mom did it to the little boy :( They had to go to the ER!!

Good Luck over the next twelve days! I hate when my husband has to work late mcuh less be gone overnight!! It is such a relief and a break when he gets home!

My sister and her husband are both Air Force and have both been "shipped off". They have 2 girls and one on the way in mid June - her husband leaves for Kuwait June 11!! :(

Marlee Belle said...

1. So glad you found a wonderful church family!!!

2. So glad Grace's arm was easily taken care of !!

3. 12 DAYS WITHOUT your hubby!! Holy Moly. When we keep the niece and nephew for a couple of days, I couldn't imagine not having his helps. Kuddos to military wives and single moms...I agree!!

I'll send up a prayer or two for you!!

The Lada Family said...

I thought the same thing about the military wives while Joey was gone. Thank God our hubby's only had to go a couple of states away. I can't imagine them being that far away, in a scary place and for a really long time. They're much stronger women than I am that's for sure. Good luck and I'll see you in a few days. We might have to go to a local place for a margarita after the girls are in bed :)