Tuesday, April 22, 2008

real quick

I just wanted to tell everyone that we got home safely today around 3 and things couldn't have gone better!

The trip was great! The girls were FABULOUS in the car... either sleeping/watching the dvd player or playing quietly with toys and books. It was super fun to see Hailey and her family... we miss them so much. I have a good 100 pictures or so of the weekend that I'm going to try to go through tomorrow, so you will just have to wait for pictures of the 4 girls!

Oh and the best part is that Adam was able to drive to Arkansas (about a 5.5 hr drive for him) to see us! He got in late Friday night and had to leave Sunday after church, but it was an awesome treat to have Adam with us for the weekend. Plus it gave me a little time to myself... something that is a rare find when you have 2 children and you are all by your lonesome. Again I don't know how military wives do it! And single moms, etc... wow!


hyperactivelu said...

Glad you had a great time!

Janice said...

Hey, Lisa! I am just catching up! Glad you had a great trip!

You know, the same exact thing happened to Ava last month but it was with her shoulder. All of a sudden she just wouldn't move her arm (so unlike her). The doctor told me how easy it was for a toddler to dislocated the elbows, shoulders or wrists! So anyway, I am so glad Gracie didn't break any bones and glad she's doing well!

P.S. Love the new blog look!

Ashley said...

I'm glad the trip went well for you. It's always nice knowing the kids can behave so well on a road trip like that. Over Christmas we drove to Chicago and I couldn't believe how well all four kids did...even the baby!

Can't wait to see pictures.

Megan said...

Wow! So glad it went well!! :)

And seeing Daddy...a bonus!

The Lada Family said...

I have some cute pictures of the girls. I will try to get them to you soon.