Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4 months continued...

This morning we headed to Emma's 4 month well check. She is growing growing growing!

She tipped the scales at 14lbs 7oz (67%) and was 25 inches long (60%). And her head is just, well, BIG! Compared to Grace she is actually a little smaller than her at this age. Funny to think of Grace as being a little rolly polly since she is a little skinny thing now.

Anyway, Emma got a clean bill of health. We will probably try to start cereal closer to 5 or 6 months. I just don't think she is ready for it right now.

Oh and about the bottle business... I asked pediatrician what he thought and he basically said some kids are just stubborn and will hold out all day if needed. He said he has a couple working mothers that nurse in the morning and their kid wont eat a think all day at daycare... holding out 8+ hours! Those poor daycare workers!!


Erin said...

So glad she is healthy and growing! I am sure it made you feel better to hear the doctor say those things about the working moms he knows! I guess kids won't starve, but I sure do feel bad for those daycare providers!

Barbara said...

Yikes! 8 hours with no food...stuborn little ones! Glad Emma is progressing well, and you are willing to be patient. Emma & Grace are very fortunate for your patience weather it comes to bottles or potty training. Keep it up mommy!
Aunt Barb

Megan said...

Glad to hear Emma's doing so well!

Melissa said...

Thanks for today, we had a great time :) Im glad emma's growing so healthy, we gave kenz cereal and food at 3 months cuz i was so aggravated that she wouldn't take a bottle !! Little early, but it didnt kill her :) talk to u later!!