Friday, July 25, 2008


Earlier this week we had some visitors... one of my best friend's Katie and her little girl, Paige. Paige just turned 1 last month so she was super fun for the girls. Grace wanted Paige to do everything she was doing, and Emma just had fun watching. That had a few tiffs over toys, but over all had fun visiting them. Here are a few pics of the girls. Paige showing off her latest moves.**************************************
Yesterday, I got together with my good friend, Tiffany and her little girl, Reagan. Remember Reagan is just 12 days older than Emma. They are going to be best buds. We had to snap of pic of the girls hanging out in their strollers while we shopped. They sure are happy little babies!

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Megan said...

Those are some happy little strollin' babies! Makes a shopping outing so much more fun, right?!