Saturday, July 05, 2008

4 months

Wow have you changed in this past month Miss Emma Ann!

Here are the things you are up to this month:

*You are turning into such an aware baby that wants to go go go. In just days you roll over the second I lay you down. You seem to like your tummy now, which is so funny b/c I think in last months post I wrote how you were not a fan of laying on your tummy.

*You are still sleeping swaddled up (but breaking free every so often... even out of our miracle blanket!) so I'm thinking that isn't going to last much longer.

*You love watching your sister and she loves to entertain you.
*You are chattering more and more each day. And you have this cute squeal noise that you make when you are happy.

*You are still sleeping great. Generally about 10 hours at night. During the day we usually drag you around so you usually cat nap, but take a good afternoon nap when you sister naps. Which is so nice for mommy to have a little time to get things done around the house.

*You are still not wanting the bottle. It is sort of comical now. On Friday we hung out at my parents house all day and I brought lots of milk for my mom to try the bottle. (Adam was feeling like maybe someone else needed to try). But no luck. I had fed you at 7am Friday morning and you wouldn't eat one ounce of the bottle we gave you. We finally felt so bad and I fed you around 1pm.... yes you didn't give in for 6 hours! I can't imagine who she gets her stubbornness from :)
Despite the fact that you don't like the bottle, you are still a super laid back and easy going baby. More importantly I can't imagine what our family was like without you. You are such an amazing addition to our family and we thank God everyday for having you apart of our lives.

Oh and she has her 4 month check up on Tuesday so I'll update then with her stats! I know you have grown so much since your last visit!


Lindsay said...

growing up so fast!

Tasha said...

No way she is 4 months already. Time goes so fast

Erin said...

She is a cutie! We will know on the 22nd if Maren is having a baby brother or sister!

Megan said...

That reminds me so much of a picture of Grace you used to have on your header. Such a cutie! :)