Sunday, July 27, 2008

i'm okay

So I hadn't posted about this because I didn't want to make a big deal about it. I had already been talking about so much about it with my friends and family here that I didn't want to talk more.

Anyway, I was going to have my gallbladder out last Thursday, but I chickened out.

To give a little background, I found out I had gall stones a few months ago. I guess it is super common after having a baby. Since then I've had a handful of attacks, but nothing that I thought I couldn't handle. I researched what to eat and what not to eat and I was really feeling pretty good. But I was already scheduled to have my gallbladder out. As it got closer I thought maybe I could wait a little longer. I even went out and ate a big burger and fries and had only a very minor attack. (Basically fatty foods can bother your gallbladder and cause attacks.)

So I cancelled my surgery, or rather postponed it.

I basically decided that I could live it a little longer. Of course since I cancelled it I haven't been feeling all that great.

But I feel good about the decision. I was having a tough time that I wouldn't be able to feed my little one that still doesn't take a bottle for most the day. (Now you know why we were so desperate for her take one!).

I'll probably have it done this year, especially if this darn pain continues. Until then I'll be living on turkey sandwiches and raisin bran! :)

Thank you to those that were so sweet to email, call and comment that you were thinking and praying for me. I know I will need those prayers soon enough.


Lu said...

ok! i had no idea! oh my goodness! now i understand your urgency! i hope you can continue to live with little pain so your baby can continue to nurse! i understand your situation. my cyst site needs surgery and there isn't anything one can do about it unless i want to go and have the cavity scraped, be put to sleep, etc. but i would need to dump my milk for 48 hrs, etc... and i so hoped to get through 6 mo of nursing before having to think about that. now that i have made it 6 mos, i hope to keep putting it off!!! the longer the better! your situation and pain is probably a lot more severe. keeping you in my pryaers!

Barbara said...

Oh baby...I feel your pain. Try fresh lemon in your ice cold drinking water. (and try to stay cool up there in Dallas) The lemon helps the bile deal with the gall stones. (Google it)Surgery...yuk...I don't blame you for postponing as long as possible.
xxx...Aunt Barb

Andrea said...

OMG you goober. I can't believe you didn't get it done. Oh well :) Now you can come tonight!