Monday, January 05, 2009

10 months

Well we made it to 2009. In 2 short months you turn one year!
My little Emmy.... you have become such a big girl this past month.
*You are chatting all the time. You can now say "dada" and "mama" and you also say a couple other things, but I'm not sure they are actual words yet... just sounds. We're working on it though.
*You have learned to point. I'm convinced you are just getting ready to tell everyone that you are 1!
*You also learned about eyes... by poking mommy's eyes! You think its a really funny game.
*You are still crawling like crazy. You aren't really showing signs of wanting to walk on your own, but love to push around walkers and cruise around furniture.
*You have also discovered the stairs. The gate is normally closed, but usually once a day I let you crawl up the stairs with me right behind you.

*You are a pro with the sippy cup now... just drinking juice/water in it. I might even try whole milk in it sometime next month to get ready for weaning.

*You are doing a couple signs. You have "more" and "all done" down pretty well. Grace LOVES working on signs with you... she gets really into it.

*OH and we moved you to your big girl car seat. You look so tiny in it, but you seem to love being higher up so you can see everything. Now I can't wait to turn you around so you can see mommy!
That's all until next month! We love you sweet girl!


Amanda said...

SHe is so precious! Can't believe time is flying by so quickly!!!

hyperactive lu said...

She is just precious!!! 10 mos old, already?! How could it possibly be that time already?! I guess Grace is having a birthday party in a month, huh?! Wow!!! :) Time flies huh?!

Those shoes in the first pic are ADORABLE!!!

Colleen said...

Too cute! I love that she is talking in every single picture. Also a big fan of her little saddle shoes.

Fish Family said...

She just warms my heart! However, she NEEDS to stop growing so fast!!!

Tiffany said...

She looks more like Grace in the picture of her in the big girl car seat.

By the way, I got the Baby Legs at Nooks & Kranies (spelling?) in downtown Plano. You can also go on the Baby Legs website & search for vendors. You can also buy them off of the website. I'm thinking of looking at the ones they have on sale & stocking up! I'm obsessed with them now!

Lindsay said...

Too cute! Aww, the big girl car seat! Everytime I say Tommy let's switch it...she falls asleep on the way home or to the store and I just move her carrier to the stroller! I just can't let go :(

Happy 10 mos (late I know) :)