Thursday, January 22, 2009

She qualified

Grace finally had her FIE (Full and Individual Evaluation) this morning. It went well and she definitely qualified for services.

They basically just gave me a summary, and a lot of what she said was in a foreign language (not really... just in speech therapist talk.). I'll receive a formal report of her evaluation in a week or so and then we will have a big meeting to discuss goals, treatment, etc. What I did understand is the main issue is with Grace's articulation... the way she says words. Which wasn't anything new... since she has been working with ECI for the past 4 months.

They are recommending that she goes to speech therapy at a nearby Elementary School twice a week for 1 hour and 45 minutes each time. Honestly, I think it will really be good for her. She LOVES all the fun games they play and was already mimicking the teacher this morning.

Although, it was a little difficult to hear. Who wants to hear that their child failed. But the way I'm trying to look at it is that she just needs a little extra help and by Kindergarten she will hopefully graduate from the program or at the most just be pulled out for a little bit each week.
If anything this will just better prepare her for school and give us tools at home to communicate better with her.

Thanks for your support everyone! We know there could be MUCH worse things to have to worry about and are thankful that our little bump in the road is a small one.


Jenny said...


You're such a great mommy! Grace is lucky to have you. Sounds like her experience thus far with speech therapy has been positive and I'm sure the new program will be wonderful as well. That's neat she'll get a sneak peek of her elementary school too.


Erin said...

Way to stay positive!

Leigh said...

Girlie, Gracie did not fail anything and neither did you! Just because she's not typical in speech doesn't mean she isn't extra special in other ways. Let me know if you wanna talk...I've been thru the tunnel and am close to the light at the end. We should get the girls also helps to get Gracie around typical speech children to help her hear what is the right way. You have my email! Love ya!

Tasha said...

We had the same issue. Hang in there...Its a great program.

Michelle said...

I can already tell a difference in her speach, so way to go Lisa! I am so proud of you for reaching out and getting that help, it is hard to hear that your child needs it but hey, we all struggle with one thing or another, just best to get the help when you can! XOXO

The Harkey Family said...

I'm a Speech Pathologist. So let me know if you ever have any questions. I know Grace will catch up in no time!

Lindsay said...

Way to go Grace!
Lisa, I'm sure you already know this, but 50% or more have persistent language delays. It is only a speed bump in life, something you all will drive right over. It sounds as if she is, and will be, getting the adequte amount of help required. She's a smart little girl, and will be just fine!!!

GrammaJ said...

I too, am a(self retired)Speech Pathologist. I did notice (on one of your videos) that Grace appeared to be substituting "t" for "k" and "d" for "g". This is quite common for kids that age. Having been a public school speech path for several years, I have many "tricks of the trade" so I'm more than willing to help.