Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a little late

Well yesterday my sweet sister-in-law told my hubbie that she was mad at me. Why I asked?

Because I had not updated my blog in 8 days! :)
Sorry Christee. I guess its just been busy.
But I have lots to talk about so here goes... 2009 so far....

The week of New Years was a busy fun one.
(Yes my daughters hand is in the puppy's mouth!)

So after a nice Christmas at home we headed to East Texas to celebrate with Adam's family. We had a blast. We just watched movies, played with my brother-in-laws puppy (a goldendoodle!), hung out, shot arrows!, ate a lot and we went to the zoo.
A great zoo.

The girls and their cousins at the zoo.
Emma (10 months), Kaitlynn (13), Grace (almost 3!), Kaleb (4), Kameron (7)The zoo was perfect toddler size and only took us about 2 hours to see everything.
Oh and they had this White Tiger that was evening posing for pictures. How cool is that! (The tiger is behind a glass wall, but its hard to tell in the picture!)

We got home New Years Eve and headed to a neighbors house for a fun night with the kids. We really love all our neighbors and totally feel like we hit the jackpot with our neighborhood... everyone is young and has young kids and are all so fun. We look forward to many years of fun here!
Riley and Emma

All the girls - Carol, Kristal, Amanda, me, Marann, & Carey

New Years day my best friend, Hailey and her family came to visit! YEAH! We went to a bounce house place with the girls, did a little shopping, and my mom even came over and watched all FOUR girls so we could go out to eat and enjoy some adult time! (We actually put the little girls down for bed before we left so she just had to play with Molly and Grace for about an hour before putting them to bed.) This is the night I also left my camera in Hailey's purse. I was carrying my itty bitty I have no children with me wrist purse (that basically just holds my cell phone and my keys), so Hailey carried my camera... well it stayed in her bag all that night and made its way to Little Rock, AR. Thankfully the mail man delivered it to my house this past weekend!

Molly & Grace

Anyway, after a couple days they had to head home. I miss them so much and wish they lived closer. So hard to see them go especially since our girls are so close in age!

Avery & Emma

So I still have more to update, but that is all I got for now :)


Ashley said...

Soon Grace will be shooting her own bow and arrow! Watch out Bambi :)

Cole is starting to look more and more like a baby now and not like such an old man. I always said he reminded me of the lollipop men on the Wizard of Oz :)

I'm glad you finally updated, I was getting bored not getting anything new!

Fish Family said...

I LOVE Grace's sunglasses!

Christee Dugan said...

I check your website 3 to 4 times a day! Psycho No, missing you guys YES!! I Love you so much !! Thank You Lisa for making my heart smile!!! Love Aunt Christee

Andréa said...

So cute. I feel like we hit the jackpot with our neighbors as well. Dont' you LOVE that!

Jen said...

Busy??? You are at home with 2 girls...don't you have all the time in the world? (totally kidding!!!) Glad you updated, I have missed your updates on the girls:) /Sounds like you have had a few great weeks:)

Colleen said...

Love the picture with all the kids at the zoo where Emma is looking at them wondering why she is in a stroller and they are all sitting by the flowers. Grace and Kaleb have the same little smile in both pictures, too.
Also, I have such great memories of shooting with my daddy that we still do it from time to time. It will be so fun for them to do girl scouts and indian princesses and stuff.
Good to see you all doing so well!