Friday, January 16, 2009

a glimpse

When you are a parent most of the time days just float past you, turning into weeks and months. Time is gauged upon things like x amount of months since they have been walking and x amount time till their next birthday.

Those 9 months that you are pregnant time stands still. It seems to last forever... at least for me it did ... probably because I felt terrible most of the time. But then the baby is born and time races. You blink and your baby is a walking/talking little girl.

But lately I've been getting this little glimpses of Grace (and Emma too, but mainly Grace) as an older child, a teenager (talk about attitude!), and even as an adult (a mother). Just little things that she does. The way she is to her sister (she really is a fabulous big sister!), the way she wants her finger and toenails painted like mommy, or the way she taps her finger to her head and says "think, think, think" when we play the game Memory.

Not really sure the point of the post. But its weird to think that my little baby will one day be older. Until then I'll try to slow down and just enjoy her being little. For now, I'll keep the glimpses of her in the future. And maybe one day I'll be able to share with her all the stories I'm saving up. Today she is my sweet little 35 month old girl. And in a blink she will be THREE.


The Lada Family said...

I like grace's pig tails! I learned how to make bows. You should try it. It's so easy and fun and CHEAP. And you know how I love cheap!
(I was just thinking how cute she'd be with a bow on each 'tail).

Colleen said...

Let's talk about time flying have two children and it seems like it was yesterday that we were hanging out in your living room with Jimmy! Hello blast from the past!!

Jenny said...

Hey Lisa. I left you an award on mine. Come check it out!