Monday, January 19, 2009

scarf anyone?

Okay so if you have been watching The Bachelor or really if you just go to the store you might see these cute women wearing scarfs. Cute, but not for me I thought.

If you know me you know that I'm normally wearing jeans from Gap, a t-shirt from Target and my sneakers. Maybe add the sweatshirt that I wore the day before too. :) I guess typical mom gear. Well now that I'm finally back to size I like I want new clothes. But if you know me you also know that I'm cheap.

So yesterday I ventured off to Belk to buy a new Crock-Pot that was on sale. Long story short they were out of them, and since I was childless I thought I would browse through the women's department. I didn't find anything so I headed to the juniors department. I know I'm 29, but some of the items in the junior department are cute. I brought 6 or so tops to try on and only ended up buying one. One that came with a scarf. I know its like pants that come with a belt. But it was cute and on sale with my 20% off coupon for $15 bucks.

But then I came home and couldn't figure out when I was suppose to wear the scarf... I mean in what kind of weather. Since the shirt was short-sleeve and yellow I thought it was more Springish, but the scarf was clearly more wintery. So I called my friend, Hailey, and she told me I could wear it in mild weather anytime. Just throw a light jacket with it. Cool I though! I'm going to be in style... a first for me!

Anyway, I came home tried the shirt on again and couldn't figure out how to tie the darn thing. Well this morning I started to look and it was like the blogging mamas out there heard me. Here are two videos that you have to check out. HERE and HERE!

Here is a picture of me (in jeans from Gap and t-shirt from Target with my new scarf. I decided the yellow shirt needs to wait until its a little warmer... or just not January.)
Not a fabulous picture since I took it of myself in my bathroom with no flash. OH and I had not showered yet and I still had my makeup on from the night before. Oh well, you get the idea :)


Tiffany said...

Okay that is funny that we both posted about scarves today. Maybe 2009 is really the Year of the Scarf! I'm going to have to wear mine & post a picture about it too. But I'll make sure we don't wear the same one next time we get together like we've done before!

Melanie said...

I have a couple of scarves that I wear all the time. All the woman in Germany wore scarves.

Lindsay said...

Oh, I love scarves!!! I made one a few months ago, but never had anything to wear it with. It was suppose to be a blanket, but discovered a hole in the material ...of course right in the middle, too! SO, it became a beautiful scarf that hangs pretty in my closet!

Like your new tie! Gap has some cute scarves with shirts that look nice, too!! So, what happens after kids, Target becomes the new place to get our shirts? I don't mind, I would have a few years ago, but now I couldn't care less. Matter of fact I LOVE Target....especially when they have a cute shirt 50% off!

Jen said...

oh Lisa :) you make me smile! I got my sister a fun scarf for Christmas - but haven't gotten one for myself -- I agree...they are so cute on other people (like you!!!) but yeah, when exactly does one wear a scarf? When it's actually cold? or is it just a fashion accessory now like a cool bracelet?

Colleen said...

I love a good scarf!! I have 6 in various colors to match my mood. It is sad when I go through my pictures and almost every one of them has me in a scarf, or there is a slew of pics with various people trying it on throughout the night. Nordstrom kids department has thin ones in great colors for CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!

Jen--wear them all the time. With a t-shirt, v-neck sweater, anything. I usually wear mine the way that Lisa is sporting it in the picture, so I look for skinny ones.

By the way, we all need to get together sometime soon!

Fish Family said...

So funny! LOVE the scarf! Btw, who looks that beautiful with make-up on from the night before and no shower? Seriously!

Andréa said...

Cute!! I'm ALL about the scarves this season. Plus that is a great neutral color so you can wear it with most any color shirt. You GO Lisa with your stylin' self :D

Erin said...

You are cute! And, I think you've always been fashionable...anyone is fashionable compared to me!

missy said...

I hear ya Target sista! You're SO funny and super cute! I'm with Megan.....I don't know anyone who looks that dang cute with no shower and makeup from yesterday.