Thursday, December 14, 2006

10 months!

She is now in the double digits!! Like I say every month... time flies!
Grace's had to go to the doctor earlier this week (issues with consitpation and her eczema) so we got to weigh her and she was 19lbs 5ozs. (Last month she 18lbs14ozs...slowing down!)
Here is what Grace is up to these days:
*Becoming a pro crawler... if they had baby crawling contests Grace would definitly win!
*Still pulling up on everything and getting into everything. (See pic below)
*She stood on her own (holding onto nothing) for like .5 seconds today.
*Will take a few steps pushing a walker. (still trying to get a good video to upload)
*Says "DADA" for everything and I think she said "MAMA" yesterday...we are working on that one!
*Claps and waves "bye bye", but at the completely wrong times.
*Dances all the time... even when there is no music!
*LOVES books and tring to open the Christmas presents and hates Santa (see post below).
Here is a pic of Grace getting into the drawer under the oven. She opened the drawer, crawled in, but couldn't get out. Forgive her poor little red face, that is her eczema, and her hair is everywhere since she had just gotten up!


Michelle said...

She is so so cute!! Does the doc tell you you can use Aveno bath oatmeal in her bath water? You should ask, I use that because I have ezema spots and very dry skin, it is very soothing. Looks like she keeps you on your toes!

Lindsay said...

She is so much I loved seeing yall the other day!

Tiffany said...

Wow! I can't believe how big she is!

Margaret said...

Cade is 18 pounds! Looks like he will pass her up!

Anonymous said...

I went back and looked at the pics from you first started this blog. She has grown so much! What a precious girl!

Megan said...

'anonymous' was me. I don't know how I clicked that. Sorry!!