Monday, December 18, 2006

Double Ear Infection!

Poor little Gracie! I brought Grace to the pediatrician last week b/c she was having a few issues with constipation and her skin... anyway, when we were there he checked her ears and said they had a little fluid on them but he thought it may clear on its own. Well since then Grace has just not been herself... fussy, low grade fever, cough, runny nose, not sleeping well, etc. So I took her back today and she has a double ear infection, yup both ears are raging!! He also said since this was ear infection #4 that we may need to start thinking about tubes. He wants to give it a little more time (at least till her first birthday) and see if she gets anymore. Hopefully this is it.

Anyway, her other issues with constipation and eczema are much better. We have her "going" more regularly now and her skin is doing soooo much better!

Please add Grace to your prayers tonight that she starts feeling better. I would hate for her to feel bad over Christmas, especially since we will be away from home visiting family!


Brandon said...

Poor Gracie...she will get better. When you should really make a decision is when the fluid is affecting their speech and learning. Maddyson has had about 6-8, i lost count, but it has not impacted her speech or hearing. We went through the same worry about doing tubes. I know ear infections are very painful for them, but give it a little time and she should grow out of it. We will pray that she does.

Nicole said...

Poor girl!! Double ear infections? I would be fussy OR WORSE too!! I hope she feels betterm for everyone involved!! (MOMMA)

Lindsay said...

Poor baby... did they give her the numbing ear drops? I have heard those work so well!
Hope she gets better soon
HUGS to you all

Megan said...

Poor baby! I will definitely pray that she feels better very soon!

Megan said...

We've got an ear infection now too. Yuck! This is Eleanor's second and she's not even four months yet. Believe it or not, she's teething- not normal teething. Her first molars are coming in. Leave it to our child to shake things up a little bit! Maybe a new Christmas Eve tradition- going for a visit to the Urgent Care center.