Monday, December 11, 2006

How much is that baby in the window??

I'm sure my neighbors must be wondering this. (I saw a post simular to this on my friends blog... Lindsay!). Grace LOVES windows and our lab Sammie always tries to be right in there with her. The window in our guest bedroom is nice and low to the ground, so Sammie normally sits at this window most the day guarding the house, plus she can see if anyone is coming to the front door through this window. Of course if someone were to come to the door she would initially bark, then when the person enters the house she would lick and beg that person to lick her! :)

Anyway, back to the baby in the window. Looking out the window just must be something amazing for Grace (well all little Toddlers for that matter). Plus I think she likes that she can stand up all by herself relatively easy. Speaking of standing up... I don't think she is far from that first step. She will pull up on anything, and hold on with one hand. Sometimes a toy isn't far and she will reach for the toy, think for a minute and then get down and crawl to it! She will however walk along the coffee table and couch (crusing), but no independent steps yet. Maybe soon!

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Anonymous said...

She is a doll. That window is perfect for her size. Your lab looks HUGE standing next to her. Really cute pictures!