Tuesday, December 05, 2006


My friend Margaret and her two kiddos, Karina and Cade come over for the afternoon. Grace LOVES Karina!! She spent the afternoon crawling after Karina, kissing her and hugging her. I can only pray that one day when I have another baby (no time soon), that Grace and her brother/sister will play as nice and be as loving towards one another. Here is a pic of all 3 of the kids. Karina is nearly 3 and Cade is 6 months old. I'm sure Cade will be crawling after the girls in no time!


Lindsay said...

Grace looks so big compared to Cade... Oh my our kids are growing up!

Lisa said...

Linz- I know! I think it may be that I took the picture from that side. She really doesn't seem that much bigger than him in person. But it is amazing the difference b/w 3 months.

Margaret said...

those sure are some cute kids!