Wednesday, December 03, 2008

a bug

I really don't like bugs.

Especially the kind of bugs that make you and your family throw up and send you to the potty several times an hour for days on end. Joyful.

Thankfully I think we are over it... hopefully. At least I'm sending Grace to school today!

In the mean time, here is a cute one of Emma enjoying some of the Christmas decorations. We put our big tree in our study so we could close the doors, but I put 2 little trees on the harth and she loves them. Of course.


Andréa said...

OMG I think B has the same thing. Last night he projectile vomitied all over me AND him. Fab! Hopefully it will end soon!

hyperactive lu said...

Sorry you caught the bug! Hoping its gone for good!!!! Love that pic and her pjs are adorable!

Megan said... cute are those jammies?!!!