Friday, December 19, 2008

Tour of Homes

How cool is this?! I've seen it for a couple years now, but never participated. Anyway Boo Mama is hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes. Where you post pictures of your own home! What a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit. If you check out her blog you will see that nearly 1000 people are doing it!

This year has been especially fun since we weren't in our house last year. So this is the first year to decorate. I still have lots more that I would like to do and collect, but I have lots of time for that. But I am planning to shop on December 26th for stuff for next year :)
So here is my house...
The Christmas tree (not my favorite... can't really tell from the picture how shabby it is. We actually just got a new tree (for next year) that we bought last weekend b/c we got it for such a great deal ... $99! I can't wait to decorate it next year.)

The Santa table (just my entry table... a perfect place to put up pictures of every year Santa visits)
The cards (and this is only the picture ones... I have a different place for cards without a picture!)

The mantle

The stairs
The Nativity! "Happy Birthday Jesus" as Grace keeps saying! So cute! We added this this year. I think its the perfect Nativity for little ones. One day I'll pull out my mom's beautiful one she handed down to me!


becca said...

That fireplace is gorgeous. Thanks for a fun tour - found you through the links!

Merry Christmas!

Erin said...

VERY CUTE! I also see that my Christmas card is next to Jen's! :) Glad you got the card. We got yours too! The girls are too cute!

Tiffany said...

Great job on the decorating!

hyperactive lu said...

So cute. I meant to join in, but with my grandparents and all- I kinda lost track of time and my blogging has been forgotten. Great decorating.

Megan said...

Very, very nice, Lisa! I LOVE that nativity...I think I need one of those now! :)

MamaMia said...

Hey Lisa, I need your address...wanted to send a card, but have the old address.


Hoping crazy spam doesn't find me.

Storm said...

Thanks for the tour. I love how you display your cards.

Merry Christmas.

I have 25 Days of Christmas pictures at

Margaret said...

hey there girly - your pics of the house are gorgeous!!! I really need to come see you! G & E are just so adorable - I promise to blog more often - Facebook as sucked me in!!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!