Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas card pic

Since it was already half way through the month of December I decided I needed to take a snapshot of the girls for our Christmas cards. I was surprised they turned out so well b/c the girls were tired, cranky and not wanting to wear dresses. But once we started going they were all smiles.
I didn't include these two on the card, but I loved them as well.

(couldn't figure out why it wanted to turn this one .... it was fine on my computer.. oh well! )


Colleen said...

Such cute pics of your adorable girlies!

Megan said...

we got your card today...LOVE it!!

Lindsay said...

ummm, cute! You should have put all 3 on a card!

hyperactive lu said...

I love the Christmas card! I would have put all three on, because those are the cutest!!! :) I still haven't gotten Christmas pics taken yet...ha! A week before... Oops! Slacker Mom of the year, huh?!