Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Like most Holidays things were busy. But this year unlike past years was so fun to watch really get Christmas. The whole month of December we have been talking about Baby Jesus and His birthday and presents... you know... so here is how our Christmas went.

Christmas Eve started off nice and slow. After naps we got dressed and headed to church. Grace kept saying that we were going to have a party for Jesus. (See she really is sort of getting super cute).

Grace and cousin Lexi
Emma and cousin Audrey
After church we headed to my parents house to have a Christmas Eve dinner with my mom's side of the family. We got home late and Adam and I went to town on setting up. We couldn't wait to see Grace's face in the morning.

Look what Santa brought the girls...
GraceEmma (poor second child...)
So Christmas morning came and Adam and I were ready with the camera and video camera... Grace was wondering why there was a paparazzi waiting for her to come down the stairs. She just started pointing to the doll house that was sitting there waiting for her. I guess she was in shock that it came since we have been talking about a doll house all month.
Emma loves her new stocking that mom made her! Isn't that the cutest sugarplum fairy?!

Anyway, after we played with Santa gifts my parents and little brother came over and we opened presents and ate a yummy breakfast.

I love this one... Grace already has the wrapping off the gift and Emma is still focused on the bow!

Christmas afternoon we headed to my aunt and uncles house to celebrate with my dad's size of the family.
(Just a little side note: We have a huge family... my mom has 8 siblings and my dad has 7, so family events usually bring 30+ people...and that is just immediate aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents!)

Emma enjoying her first fudge... what 9 month old eats fudge??!!
Emma playing a game of shuffleboard with daddy. (To much sand!)Gracie and I

Emma in her Santa bib and hat! So cute!!

Hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!! John 3:16
And we are off in the morning to East Texas to do it all again with Adam's family!


The Lada Family said...

Fun photos! Molly woke up this moring asking if we were going to your house "RIGHT NOW". She's pretty excited.
Your hair is SHORT. It looks really good.

Colleen said...

I love that first picture with Emma looking up at Grace. Too cute! Hope yall had a great Christmas making your rounds to the family. Happy 2009!

Tiffany said...

1. Love Grace's morning hair. It looks like mine when I wake up. Got to love naturally curly hair :o)

2. I'm glad to see Emma eating fudge. It makes me feel better that I gave Reagan too many bites of cookies during December. We're just preparing them for all that cake for their 1st b-days, right? I mean, we would want to overload them all at once. It has to be a progression!

Have fun with Adam's side of the family. We'll need to get together once the boys go back to work.

Jen said...

Looks like you guys had an AWESOME Christmas! The girls are at such fun ages! I can't wait until next year when Owen will be able to enjoy Christmas morning like your girls did. And ditto to Hailey's response about your looks great!

Erin said...

Hair looks awesome. :)

MamaMia said...

Sweet pictures of the kids.

Happy New Year!

Megan said...

So, so cute!! I love Grace's dollhouse!!